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Austin Mini distributor 25D with vacuum advance unit

Austin Mini distributor 25D with vacuum advance unit

Austin Mini distributor 25D with vacuum advance unit
Selected: 25D Pre-A+ Distributor, NEW, Not rebuilt
Part No: GEU930
SALE Price $123.28
List: $136.98 You save: $13.70
Discounts Do Not Apply
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
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A Non Genuine reproduction distributor with vac-unit suitable for 850/998cc. With modern day curves it even works on 1275cc. A worn out distributor can cost you both performance and economy. Precise spark timing and distribution is the job of the distributor. Merely replacing the points and condenser will not fix the chronic problem of worn out bushes and shaft. These look like the originals apart from vac unit with push on connector.

Most A-Series cars had a vacuum advance distributor, only the Mini Cooper S 12G2140 had a full centrifugal version. The vacuum is designed to retard the timing under heavy load thus decreasing the chance of detonation. These units are guaranteed to out-perform your old tired version. The best test is to put a timing light on your car and watch as timing marks on the flywheel dance and bounce around as the engine changes speed, etc. Install a new distributor and try it again!! All the bounce will never go completely away as long as you are driving the distributor through a timing chain gear set to the crankshaft.
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