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BMW Mini Cooper
Classic Austin Mini thermostat various temperatures make a selection

Classic Austin Mini thermostat various temperatures make a selection

Classic Austin Mini thermostat various temperatures make a selection
Part No: GTS102-P
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This is the lowest temperature stock thermostat, ideal for hot climates or summer fitment with 82 degrees for winter, the ideal temperature commensurate with optimum power output is 65-70 degrees. However this is not practical for road applications. The lowest thermostat available is 75 degrees and should be the lowest one considered. 82 degrees is a much better choice with an 88 degree alternative for winter driving and those with economy as the main consideration. The higher temperature the more thermally efficient the engine becomes. It is possible to run thermostats with the troublesome bypass hose blanked off by drilling 4-6 holes 1/8" in size around the periphery of the thermostat.
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