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Classic Mini Poly Suspension Bushing Kit 1976 & Later

Classic Mini Poly Suspension Bushing Kit 1976 & Later

Classic Mini Poly Suspension Bushing Kit 1976 & Later
Part No: MMKT0123
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Even though the Mini earned it's reputation on the race track, it has to be said that it was built very much for the street. One of the major compromises made to the handling of the car was the use of soft rubber bushing for the suspension pivot points. Our special "Poly Bush Kit" not only replaces all the rubber pivots (front and rear) with a much firmer poly but also includes poly bushes for the engine stabilizer.
Includes rear subframe mount bushings, lower arm bushings, tie rod bushings, upper stabilizer bar bushings, and all four bushings for the front subframe tower bolts. Does not include front and rear lower mounts for the front subframe. We recommend leaving the rear ones standard and replacing the front ones with alloy, C-STR641
If your car has a factory, lower stabilzer bar you will need to order 2 x part nuber WB4.
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