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BMW Mini Cooper
Classic Mini Mk1 Sliding Window Door Felt And Chrome Kit

Classic Mini Mk1 Sliding Window Door Felt And Chrome Kit

Classic Mini Mk1 Sliding Window Door Felt And Chrome Kit
Part No: MMKT0202
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Internet Price $199.95
The sliding door windows on the early Mini is one of it's most distinguished features. And while for my taste they are the best of all Mini doors, they also require a little maintenance! The most common fault is the bottom channel that the glass slides in. Dirt, water and age all contribute to the need to replace them. The tops seem to last longer but also suffer from the same faults. The chrome rail that holds the bottom channel also serves to work with the window locks to secure the glass. And the only problem with these is that they are often rusted! Now saying all of this, you can understand that it only makes sense to do it all when looking at it as all of it is exposed as the job is accomplished. And one of the added benefits is that the chrome runner is now made of stainless steel to ease the rust problems! Window channel kit for both sliding-window doors of MKI/MKII Mini includes:
(2) 24A88 = Lower Window Channel
(2) 14A7167 = Upper Window Channel
EAM8530 = Right Draft Excluder
EAM8531 = Left Draft Excluder
24A1303 = Chrome piece
24A1304 = Chrome piece
59 mk1 austin mini door water channel, how do they come out also is there a replacement part for the door? thanks
The window channels are held in place with screws going downward through the channel. If you need new channels, see part numbers 24A88, 24A88_ORIGINAL and MMKT0202. It's helpful to read the Description below the photos.
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