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Mini Mania kits are priced to save you money. Get all of the components you need for less than if purchased separately.
Brake Maintenance Kit | Morris Minors 1954-62
Part No: MMKT0535
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
Morris Minor
Brakes on all Morris Minors from '52 to '62 were the same. Our special kit includes all the parts needed to do a very cost effective yet complete overhaul of the braking system. Included are rebuild kits for all six wheel cylinders, a rebuild kit for the master cylinder, new brake shoes for front and rear and all new rubber brake hoses. This means all the typical parts that need to be replaced are at your fingertips; when you start the job you can finish it in an afternoon! (3) CBS122=Brake Hoses CBS134=Master Cylinder Kit, Early 7/8" (2) RBK107=Rear Wheel Cyl Kit, 948cc (4) FBK107=Front Wheel Cyl Kit FBK120=Front Brake Shoes, 998cc, Set RBK103=Rear Brake Shoes, Set
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