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Classic Mini gearbox 5-speed evolution straight cut gears + X pin differential

Classic Mini gearbox 5-speed evolution straight cut gears + X pin differential

Classic Mini gearbox 5-speed evolution straight cut gears + X pin differential
Part No: MSG7
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
This Item has a $150.00 core charge.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
This is the straight cut gear version 5 speed gearbox which has a 5th gear ratio of 0.865 which with a 3.44 diff gives the equivalent of 2.98. Full Specs: The gear case has extensive modifications plus 58 new linkage and gear modification parts. It is fitted with a closer ratio gear set than the standard 4 speed gearbox by virtue of a redesigned laygear and first motion shaft which produce the following ratios-

1st gear 3.282

2nd gear 1.966

3rd gear 1.283

4th gear 1-1

5th gear is technically an overdrive gear and produces a reduction of .882 on the helical teeth gearbox with a new 3.444 final drive it gives a 5th gear ratio of 3.037. Using evolution Clubman (straight cut) gears the reduction is 0.865.

Options with straight cut gears, Evolution cross pin diffs or limited slip diffs, are available to order.

Since the closure of Rover and the Power train production tooling being sold off we have to recycle many parts and apart from laygear and 1ST motion shaft which are different from the standard parts, the other New parts nearly always used are 1ST/2nd synchro, reverse gear, 2nd gear, 3.444 diff plus the extra 5 speed gears.

The Final drive ratio ratio is 3.444 with a close ratio box, so you'll have the acceleration through to fourth gear. Fully assembled, less speedo drive pinions, ready to install. (Available in Rod-change only).

Does not come with input gear supplied. 

These straight cut gears are noisy but much quiter than the old ST kit as they are cut to modern day profiles and latest gear cutting techniques. There is a $150.00 surcharge on the old gearbox-- all 5 speed gearboxes carry a $150.00 surcharge on the old unit.

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