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Classic Austin Mini Simplex Chain Tensioner Complete Kit

Classic Austin Mini Simplex Chain Tensioner Complete Kit

Classic Austin Mini Simplex Chain Tensioner Complete Kit
Part No: MSSK051EVO
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
Parts required to stop timing chain rattle on A plus engine using special anti stretch single row chain 3H2127EVO. Last chance to buy with the plate and pin to hold the tensioner as they are obsolete from Rover.

Fitted to 998/1100cc from 1979 and 1275GT from 1974.

Kit contents are,

3H2127EVO Timing chain

88G561 Oil seal

12G2625 Gasket

12G2621 Tensioner

12G2628 Plate to hold tensioner

12G2629 Pin to hold tensioner/plate
Is there a spring that goes with this? The tiny springy thing on the tensioner does not provide enough force to even reach the chain. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using this on a 1275. Can I grind off the reinforcing (?) strap on the front faceplate/mounting plate enough to fit the placement tensioner's timing cover? It's a 72 Midget 1275.  I have everything in your kit, it's in a 61 Minor pickup..  In the process of the tensioner,  fast road cam. 1.5 roller rockers, 12 lb flywheel,  T 50 5 speed vernier timing gear, Hif 44, Ital exhaust, SS downpipe. Maybe my Metro turbo if carb alone isn't enough. The front plate (engine mounts) has a plate at the top that interferes with the tensioner's wider cover, going to cut or grind for clearance. The important question I how to get the tensioner to press against the chain as the tiny piece of spring doesn't do it, won't even touch the chain.  I have all the kit parys and the same again in used parts as shown in the mit you sell.
Normally when someone wants to add a tensioner to an inline engine we offer this kit that includes a front plate that we've modified. Obviously, this plate won't work in a Morris Minor, but because you've done your own work it's harder to tell what the issue is from just your description.
The kit you bought is meant to fit simplex gears on a stock A+ set up so if your plate matches the holes on an A+ front plate on a Mini it should work.

Morris Mania Tech Team

The Morris Minor Parts and Accessories Experts