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Mini Cooper Mobility Kit - Compressor Sealant & Bag

Mini Cooper Mobility Kit - Compressor Sealant & Bag

Mini Cooper Mobility Kit - Compressor Sealant & Bag

Mini Cooper Mobility Kit - Compressor Sealant & Bag

Mini Cooper Mobility Kit - Compressor Sealant & Bag
Part No: NMA4015
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
Classic Mini
Alternate Products
MINI Cooper Tire Mobility Kit with Sealant OEM
$187.99 MINI Cooper Tire Mobility Kit with Sealant OEM
If your little car is not running on run-flat tires and you don't have the space or desire to carry a spare wheel and tire- then this kit is for you! The Mobility Kit contains a 12v compressor and tire sealant.

Simply fill the tire with sealant, re-inflate with the compressor and motor on to the nearest location that can repair the tire. This type of kit is standard equipment on some BMW models. Fits out of sight in the rear fenderwell storage compartments.

Works with all MINI models. For 2007+ models with the valve mounted Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), read note below.


From AMI, manufacturer of SLIME tire sealant:


As leaders in the tire care and repair industry, Accessories Marketing, Incorporated (AMI), the manufacturers of SLiME Tire Sealant wish to address the mandate set forth in the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation (TREAD) Act, passed in the fall of 2000. In response to this mandate, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) established the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that requires the installation of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) to all vehicles by September 1, 2007.

From our findings, and after significant dialog with the leading manufacturers of TPMS devices, SLiME Tire Sealant will not damage TPMS devices. We understand TPMS manufacturers have conducted extensive testing to ensure their sensors remain operational after exposure to any chemical fluids that might come into contact with the sensors. This includes after market products, such as SLiME Tire Sealant. AMI has also conducted independent testing, which supports and verifies SLiME Tire Sealant’s compatibility with TPMS devices.

Currently, there are two types of TPMS devices available: Direct and Indirect. SLiME Tire Sealant’s TPMS formulation is compatible with all TPMS systems. However, it is important to note that once installed, Slime Tire Sealant may come in contact with the sensor in a way that renders the sensor TEMPORARILY inoperable until it is properly cleaned, inspected and re-installed by a tire care professional.

Because SLiME is a water soluble flat repair treatment, it is easily removed from the tire with water. At the time the affected tire is inspected by a tire care professional, they should clean the sealant from the tire, prepare the area and repair with a Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA) approved patch/plug. The TPMS device should also be cleaned off with water to remove any sealant which may have come into contact with the device. Do not use any fine objects to ream and clean the small pressure sensor opening as it may damage the electronics. After the repaired tire is replaced and inflated the TPMS system will resume operating as normal.

Hello, What power source does the compressor utilize? Generally, how long does it take to fill up a completely flat tire to around 30 psi? Thanks
The compressor has a plug for the cigarette lighter so it requires a 12v supply.

We never timed how long it takes to fill a tire to 30 psi, but I suspect it may take a few minutes, maybe longer. It is not a very big compressor....

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:   Thanks for your quick reply!  What are the main differences between the two compressor inflators that you offer?


The NMA4015 mobility kit one that we put together with components from our existing suppliers.
The G3NMA4015 is a kit from BMW with components 'probably' sourced from Germany.

I suspect the components in the BMW kit is probably better quality than the kit we assemble. Not sure how the compressors compare in terms of how quickly they will inflate a tire. I suspect they have similar performance since they are similar in size. 
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