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Mini Cooper Supercharger From Sprintex Standard Pulley Gen1

Mini Cooper Supercharger From Sprintex Standard Pulley Gen1

Mini Cooper Supercharger From Sprintex Standard Pulley Gen1

Mini Cooper Supercharger From Sprintex Standard Pulley Gen1

Mini Cooper Supercharger From Sprintex Standard Pulley Gen1
Selected: Standard 69mm Pulley
Part No: NME5200
This item is not available.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
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The High Efficiency Sprintex® S5-210 Screw Compressor with the standard 69mm pulley for your MINI! A complete upgrade to replace the inefficient factory Eaton M45 Roots type unit. This is a true 'Bolt-on' upgrade!

Fits the following models with Manual Transmission:

2002-2006 R53 MINI Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible

Available with the standard 69mm pulley or an upgraded 64mm pulley for higher boost and power. 


There are some key advantages when you select the Sprintex Supercharger upgrade:

  • 28% greater capacity -  for each revolution of the supercharger, the Sprintex unit moves 944cc of air while the factory unit is only 737cc.
  • Greater thermal efficiency - the factory unit has a thermal efficiency of 58% while the Sprintex unit is measured at 74%.
  • Greater conistency with thermal efficiency - the factory unit reaches 58% efficiency at its best and it is lower most of the time.  The Sprintex unit is 74% efficient all-the-time, you can run the unit on the dyno without fans and the results will be the same!
  • Compared to the stock unit with aftermarket smaller pullies, the Sprintex unit will still outperform due to its volumetric advantage and the greater thermal efficiency.
  • Less heat into the engine with the Sprintex unit means lower stress on the internal engine components.
  • When the factory supercharger fails, it is commonly the gear drive for the water pump.  The Sprintex unit eliminates those gears by using an electric water pump.

Replaces the factory Roots type supercharger with the ultra efficient S5-210 screw compressor which runs cooler and provides a denser charge, creating more power and torque at the same boost level.


• Completely bolt-on
• Self-contained oiling – no need for external oil lines
• Fully integrated supercharger system
• Average install time of 8 hours


• 22% more horsepower; 162 WHP stock to 197 WHP supercharger
• 19% more torque; 142 lb/ft stock to 169 lb/ft supercharged
• For manual transmissions only
• *Performance results may vary based on vehicle condition, modifications, etc.


• Engineered and tested to OEM specifications
• Uses stock air filter housing
• Completely reversible
• High quality materials and finishes


• High-strength polymer construction for lower temps, greater efficiency and maximum power
• S5-210 ultra efficient twin screw compressor for more power at lower RPM

This kit includes the standard 69mm supercharger pulley which is compatible with the stock engine. Of course, Intake and Exhaust upgrades will maximize performance of the Sprintex unit.

Eliminates the trouble prone gear driven water pump and replaces with an electric water pump (included).

No cutting or welding. Completely bolt-on. Sprintex® designs do not require body or frame components to be cut.

On a stock MINI with no other changes, the horsepower increase was measured at 197 hp from the stock 169hp, and torque to 163 lb-ft from 143 lb-ft!

Excellent performance, high efficiency and reliability, to deliver INSTANT BOOST from low RPM.

[ ] Suitable for a standard vehicle without the need for any additional upgrades.
[ ] Retains standard air filters and air filter housing.
[ ] Bolt-on DIY kit with instruction manual.
[ ] Simple to maintain.
[ ] Extended service intervals.
[ ] Fully warranted from the manufacturer for 12 months or 12000 miles.

Sprintex Limited is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.
Sprintex Limited is TUV (Germany) Approved
Sprintex Systems have been certified to Euro IV
Sprintex unit WITH the Bytetronic Tune is CARB approved.  Bytetronic Tune is only available from Sprintex in Oklahoma City with additional cost.

See installation instructions here.

Sprintex Twin Screw Superchargers

Twin screw superchargers contain a male and a female rotor which mesh and form helical ‘packet’ volumes. The twin screw supercharger is also a positive displacement device however the different shaped rotors mesh very closely meaning that there is minimal internal leakage. This makes it very efficient from a very low speed right up to the supercharger’s limiting speed, no other supercharger has such a broad efficiency window. As the supercharger rotates, it compresses the air inside the supercharger before then releasing it to the intake manifold. This internal pressure ratio can be changed to suit certain applications making the twin screw very efficient in its designed application. It also makes the twin screw compressor capable of very high boost pressures if needed. The Like roots superchargers, twin screws are also typically installed in or on the intake manifold making it a compact and neat install.


Before you begin your installation—read the instructions! This means read all of them.Explanations of all of the features are included in the system and available for download before you even purchase. There are further tips and advice in the instruction manual of your chosen Sprintex Supercharger system.

Make sure your work area is clean and uncluttered.

Make sure all necessary tools are available at the time of installation (no specialist tools are required for you to fit your Sprintex system). Sprintex recommends that you run at least one fuel tank full of premium grade fuel through you system prior to doing a system install. The use of mid or lowgrade fuel after installation of the supercharger can impact the performance of your engine creating detonation and pre-ignition problems.

Make sure you’ve got a healthy battery! If your battery is old and worn, replace it. Calibration devices require a full charge and stable voltage for a successful installation of the tune. If in doubt connect a battery charger while programming the vehicle.

Should your vehicle be requiring or close to requiring a routine scheduled service we would recommend this be undertaken including the installation of new spark plugs prior to commencing installation.

Change your fluids if you have been putting it off. If something is wrong with your driveline, it is better to find out beforehand by analyzing fluids and checking any magnetic drain plugs for shavings.

Do not remove the protective tape from the supercharger including the intake manifold, inlet and discharge ports until you are ready to attach to your vehicle. It is important no debris falls into the superchargers during installation. Pay special attention to the seals and sealing surface of the components. If damage occurs this can cause air leaks between components. Small vacuum leaks can be hard to diagnose and cost time.

Sprintex superchargers run a self-contained oil set up. OIL LEVELS ARE SYSTEM SPECIFIC. Special attention must be made in order to fill and maintain correct levels. The correct oil level required for each system can be found within the installation manual. WARNING. Incorrect oil levels can cause permanent damage. Please also ensure the use of the correct grade of oil. Sprintex recommends Redline 75W90NS. Prior to starting the vehicle after installation double check fuel, coolant and electrical connections.

When initially started allow the engine to warm up whilst checking for any leaks before driving and recheck oil and coolant levels. Take care and follow the instructions for a successful installation. Also, remember routine maintenance as you enjoy your Sprintex Supercharger over time, check supercharger oil level (do not overfill) as part of your vehicle servicing schedule.


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