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BMW Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper Revolution Wheel 6 X 10

Mini Cooper Revolution Wheel 6 X 10

Mini Cooper Revolution Wheel 6 X 10
Part No: REVO6
Internet Price $149.95
The Revolution wheel has been driven on, raced, and shown for years. This original Revolution wheel is of very high quality but be careful of cheap imitations; imitation is the best flattery, but nothing has the quality and strength of the original. This original 4-spoke design with a polished outer rim is still popular. Each wheel is provided with chrome lug nuts and caps and are sold each. Offset is ET05.
I have a standard 1971 Austin Pick up. It has 165x70x10" tyres fitted tom Dunlop mags. Will the 6x10" Revolution mags (offset E5) fit under the front guards without cutting? What flares to cover the tyres would you suggest? Thanks
All 6X10" wheels will require a guard (flare) and while the most common is the GAW117, they are designed for a sedan and NOT the pick-up. While the front flares will works just as a sedan the rear of the pic-up is a lot different. Regretfully we know of no commercially available option for the PU.  We have seen various individually, The GAW117 are plastic. The C-AJJ3316 set are fiberglass and thus could be easier to modify.
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