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Classic Austin Mini Cooper Tires 205/50/10

Classic Austin Mini Cooper Tires 205/50/10

Classic Austin Mini Cooper Tires 205/50/10
Part No: TIRE20
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
An inch lower and an inch and a half wider than anything we've had before with deep aggressive tread! Shown mounted on six-inch Revolutions (not included), these new tires are by far the widest tire we've ever seen! Early results show them to be a little "squirrelly" with full tread, and the rubber may be a little soft for a long life, but they do look great and they're D.O.T. approved. These are listed as trailer & golf cart tires but sure look great on a Mini!

These tires are ideal for show cars but should not be considered a performance upgrade. 4 ply rated tire.  Speed rating is 66n = 87MPh.

Mount tires to rim by hand only! Machine mounting will damage the tire and will not be warranted!

Do you have tires with the following dimensions: 490/160-10. If so, are they approved for Swedish roads?
The tire size you quoted is not anything we have ever seen, the widest we might offer is:  https://www.minimania.com/part/TIRE20/Classic-Austin-Mini-Cooper-Tires-205-50-10

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

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Wide selection of 10", 12" & 13" tires are all features on this page. Tires with 145, 165 & 175 section width can be fitted to various models of the Classic Mini Cooper. Wheel Spacers for the Mini are also listed as well as wheel nuts.
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This is definitely a topic that keeps coming up! What wheel and tire combinations can be made to fit a Classic Mini? Just a few days ago, had a customer call for “175/55-10” as though they could just be picked off the rack! Hmmm, I’ve never seen such a size, except maybe on a Yamaha Banshee Quad for doing burnouts! I thought it would be a good time to update what combinations are currently available, and a little bit about fitting them to most Minis. It’s been pointed out by me and others, that all the common combinations end up having about the same overall rolling diameter.