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Grilles, Trim and Bumpers for Your MINI Cooper

Browse our wide selection of grill and bumper parts for your MINI Cooper. We carry OEM factory replacement and repair parts as well as aftermarket upgrade options. You will also find trim kits, grill badges, bumper protectors and more!
In the old days it was very clear when someone talked about a 'bumper' we could all picture in our mind- most often thought of as chrome bars affairs that extend from the front and back of the car. In today's world of aero-dynamics it is much more difficult. A Mini Cooper Front Bumper could be simply a large piece of plastic that is covering the real protection under it. Seeing the pictures of the various 'bumpers' as below will help tremendously.

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I have a 2020 Electric New MINI Cooper, can I change the grille for a normal cooper s grille?
We have not attempted to fit a Cooper S grille on a MINI SE so we are unable to confirm they are interchangeable.
The front bumper and some of the trim are identical, so we suspect they can be swapped, but this is unconfirmed. 
Factory grille replacements

Bumper trim

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

is the 2007 2 door hard top hatchback the same as 2013 2door hardtop hatchback? i have a 2007 2 door hardtop hatchback dead engine blown
Unfortunately, the bumpers are NOT interchangeable.

The 2007 R56 Cooper Hardtop is a 2nd generation model and the 2007 R52 Cooper Convertible is a 1st generation model. 

Very few parts are interchangeable and bumper covers is not one of them.

The 2nd generation R56 hardtops were built from 2007 - 2013. 

There was an 'update' with the 2011 model year where some of the exterior trim was updated and some mechanicals including the engine was updated. So, the 2007-2010 parts are pretty much identical and the 2011-2013 parts are the same.

Most but not all items are interchangeable between the 2007 R56 and the 2013 R56.

Your 2007 R56 Hardtop has the N14 engine while the 2013 R56 Hardtop has the N18 engine - they are not interchangeable without extensive changes.

You will need to find an engine from a 2007-2010 R56 Hardtop, R57 Convertible, or R54 Clubman which all have the N14 engine.
Hello! I am an owner of 2014 Mini Cooper countryman All4 S (R60). I would like to purchase a blackout trim kit for my Mini. Any feedback would be appreciated as I feel somewhat lost as to where to source what I’m looking for. If you can help me with the blackout trim for the headlights, grill, side markers, and taillights I may also purchase an exhaust kit as well! Thanks in advance! I appreciated any help

we have a corner of the website dedicated to the blackout accessories for the MINI https://new.minimania.com/Black_Accessories_and_Parts_for_Your_MINI_Cooper

you can find the factory black (or chrome) head and tail light trims HERE
What type of Mini do I have? VIN number says, 2007 mini Type S, convertible Turbo however it does not appear to have turbo, but it is supercharged. is it a R52, or R57 or what type? please help with vehicle ID
If you have a 2007 Cooper S Convertible, it is the R52 with the supercharged engine.
NOTE:  When you search for parts on our site, please use the 2006 R52 convertible cooper s. Our car search does not recognize the 2007-2008 R52 convertibles.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  I am also looking for the front bumper lip.

ANSWER TO FOLLOW UP:  Here is the replacement front lip for your 2007 convertible.