Wiper Blade Application Guide for MINI Cooper

MiniMania offers a wide selection of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket wiper blades for ALL MINI Cooper models, including Countryman, Paceman, Clubman, Convertible, Roadster & Coupe.  
Find your wiper blades in kits or singularly, front and/or rear blades.

See our guide and find more information about OEM/Factory Recommended and Aftermarket Wipers below.

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Find your MINI's wiper blades:

  • MINI R50 Hatchback
  • MINI R52 Convertible
  • MINI R53 Convertible
  • MINI R55 Clubman
  • MINI R56 Hatchback
  • MINI R57 Convertible
  • MINI R58 Coupe
  • MINI R59 Roadster
  • MINI R60 Countryman
  • MINI R61 Paceman
  • MINI F54 Clubman
  • MINI F55 Hatchback
  • MINI F56 Hatchback
  • MINI F57 Convertible
  • MINI F60 Countryman

Things to Consider When Buying MINI Cooper Wiper Blades


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Looking for MINI Cooper Rear Wiper Blades for Your R50 or R53 Hatchback?

Having trouble removing and installing your MINI Cooper wiper blades?  Our Removal & Installation Guide can help.

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Why you'd choose OEM/Factory or Aftermarket Wiper Blades

OEM Wipers
  • Blades are built to specifically adhere to your windshield.
  • Longevity: OEM ensures that the windshield wipers will last long, since they fit your car perfectly.
  • Proper Functionality: You can assure they are going to fit properly and work since they are made for your car specifically. 

PIAA Wiper Blade upgrade
  • Durable: Silicone rubber lasts at least 2x longer than traditional blades.
  • Performance: Silicone compound promotes water beading and quiet operation.
  • Better Value: Long-term costs are lower due to outstanding durability and refill capability.




* NOTE:  Rear Wiper Blades:  Take a look at the article Identifying Rear Wiper Blades On 2002-2006 Mini Hatchbacks  to help you identify the correct rear wiper blade on those models.