Hi, it's Brendan McRae from Mini Mania again. A lot of you guys have been requesting that we do a quick video on how to replace the Rear Wiper Blade on your Mini Coopers and we're going to show you how to do that today.

This is our test Vehicle, its a 2007 MINI. If you go to our website you can get a Replacement Blade, it's the 10 1/2" Blade for this particular model. They do come in different sizes for different years, so make sure to check. Again, this one is a 10 1/2" Blade. It's part number NMA3016

I'm going to show you how to take it off and place it back on the Arm here. It's pretty easy. First of all want to make sure that you're not pressing down on the Arm or pulling up on the Arm when you're doing any of this operation.

You want to just be pushing backwards and forwards, in order to take it off. You want to put your hand through here, so that you're supporting the back of it. Then you want to press with your thumb right here and just push outward in that direction, kind of at an angle because that's where the Pin comes out of the Clip.

You can see that the the Pin right there goes into that Clip. You can tell before you place it on there, the orientation of it, you can see because of the way that it's molded together. When it's all in one piece you can see the way that it would go.

In order to put it back on, just line up the Pin with the Clip again- just set it like this, put your fingers inside, not on the outside, of the Rubber Blade, but inside here and then with your thumbs against the back of the arm just give it a good squeeze and when it clips, you're all done.

We're going to go now over to Steven's R60 Countryman and we'regoing to show you how to do the same thing. It's effectively the same idea, it's just a smaller Blade. OK here's our Countryman and this is the Rear Wiper. Strangely it's actually a smaller blade on the back of the Countryman than it is on the regular Coupe. It's a 9 1/2" Blade while the other one is a 10 1/2" Blade. But it is exactly the same design, so, again, to remove it and put your hand here, just give it a little bit of a tug and pop it out.

So it's being a little bit stubborn-and it will. If you rock it back and forth when you're pushing, it might help it a little bit. You can see it's exactly the same style Blade, just a little shorter-and again to put it back on just line up the Pin in that slot, if you can, and then put your hands inside and push back against the arm, just like that, and you're all set.

You can go to our website: minimania.com - Go to the new Mini side and order your own Rear Wiper Blade. For your R60 Countryman, it's Part No: G2NMA1701