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The MINI Cooper uses several different types of front wiper arms depending on the model and year of production.  Each arm type requires a different replacement wiper blade, and the drivers and passenger sides use different length wiper blades.  This guide lists the different arm types, which models use them, which MINI factory replacements are suitable and the installation instructions for each.


Things to Consider When Buying MINI Cooper Wiper Blades


First Things First - Understanding Arm Types  

Over the years, MINI Cooper has modified and changed their wiper blades so that it almost takes an engineering degree to replace them.  However... if you know some of the fundamentals, it makes replacement a whole lot easier.

Wiper Blade Arms For MINI Coopers  

There are five different Front Windshield Wiper Arm Types on the MINI (as of this writing):



Which Type of Arm Blade Fits Your Mini?

J-Hook "Old" Style
For the Gen1 MINIs it’s pretty easy.  They all used the same J-Hook Blade ("Old" style) - part number

  • R50 Hardtop (2002-2006)
  • R52 Convertible (2005-2008) 
  • R53 Hardtop (2002-2006)  

As did the early year Gen2s (2007 – 2012)

  • R55 Clubman (2008-2012)
  • R56 Hardtop (2007-2012)
  • R57 Convertible (2009-2012) 

Instructions on how to Install J-Hook "Old" Wiper Arms 

As the name suggests, the end of this wiper arm is shaped like the letter "J".  The wiper blade gets 'hooked' onto the J.  

J-Hook Wiper Arm

J-Hook Replacement Wiper Blade (early years)


This Wiper Arm is a simple rectangular blade. To remove the wiper blade, squeeze the tabs on the sides of the arm and pull the blade off.  For installation, the wiper blade simply slides onto the arm until it 'clicks' in place.   

Bayonet Wiper Arms fits these later year Gen2 models (2013 – 2015) :

  • R55 Clubman (2013-2014)
  • R56 Hardtop (2013)
  • R57 Convertible (2013-2015)

Part Number: G2NMA1706
(Bayonet Wiper Arm Installation Instructions)

Bayonet Wiper Arm

Bayonet Replacement Wiper Blade


Pinch Tab
This arm has two components.  The Tab at the end to position the blade, and the wings that are 'pinched' to release the blade so it can be pulled straight off.  For installation, the tab at the end is inserted into the wiper arm and the blade is swung into the arm until the wings 'snap' into place securing the blade.

Pinch Tabs wiper blades are used on:

R58 Coupe (2012-2015) and R59 Roadster (2012-2015) used this Pinch Tab Wiper Arm
Part Number: G2NMA1705 

And the R60 Countryman (2011-2016) and R61 Paceman (2013-2016) used this Pinch Tab Arm
Part Number - G2NMA1700 

Pinch Tab Wiper Arm

Pinch Tab Replacement Wiper Blade

(Pinch Tab Installation Instructions)

GEN 3 F-Series Windshield Wiper Blades used an assortment of wiper blade arms.

Top Button
This arm has an square opening on top for the release button.  Press the square button and pull the blade off.  For installation, the wiper blade slides onto the arm until the button pops through the opening and clicks into place.

Top Button Wiper Arms fit F54 Clubman (2016-2020)
Part Number - G3NMA1702 
(Top button Installation Instructions)

Top Button Wiper Arm

Top Button Replacement Wiper Blade

J-Hook "New" Style

The "New" J-Hook used by MINI are for the F55 Hardtop (2015-2020), F56 Hardtop (2014-2020) and F57 Convertible (2016-2021) 

Part Number: G3NMA1700 
(J-Hook "new" Installation Instructions)

J-Hook Replacement Wiper Blade - new style

End Button
This arm has a square opening for a release button at the end of the arm.  To remove the blade, press the button on the end and pull the blade away from the arm.  To install, line up the 'hooks' with the wiper blade, then press the blade against the arm until it 'snaps' in place.

  • End Button Wiper Arm fits F60 Countryman (2017-2022)  

Part Number: G3NMA1704 
(End Button Installation Instructions)

End Button Wiper Arm

End Button Replacement Wiper Blade


J-Hook "Old"

J-Hook old style instructions

J-Hook "New"
J-Hook new style instructions


Bayonet Instructions

Pinch Tab

Pinch Tab instructions

Top Button

Top Button instructions

End Button

End Button instructions