R56 vs F56 Hatchbacks.  How Can You Tell Which is Which?

There is some confusion about the 2014 model year MINI Cooper Hatchbacks (also referred to as the 'Hardtop').  Do you have the 2014 R56 or the F56??

The production of the  2nd Generation R56 MINI Hatchbacks continued into 2014, however in order to simplify the model or chassis designations, all R56 manufactured in 2014 are considered 2013 models.

The new 3rd Generation F56 MINI Hatchback (which started production in 2013) is the official 2014 MINI Hatchback model.

BUT The EASIEST way to tell apart the R56 and the F56 is to look at the lug bolts.  If there are 4 bolts at each wheel, you have the R56.  If there are 5 bolts at each wheel, you have the F56. 

Can you tell which is which from the images below?

gear_r56 Mini Cooper

R56 is the one without the stripes.