To All BMH Specialists

21st December 2006

Dear BMH Specialist,

Price Increase – Effective 1st January 2007

British Motor Heritage will increase prices effective 1st January 2007. This increase results from increased costs to the business from raw materials and energy costs. The price of steel increased by 13.2% in October and we cannot absorb the impact any longer. Energy costs have also increased dramatically over the last year.

The general SRP price increase is 5%. BMH Specialist prices for all product excluding MGB and Sprite/Midget will also increase by 5%, MGB and Sprite/Midget Specialist prices will increase by 4%.

In general BMH Bodyshell prices will increase by an average of 5%.

Revised hardcopy price lists are being mailed to you, a revised price file accompanies this E-mail.

Please note that this increase is effective immediately for all Specialist orders as the December order file is now closed.

If you require further clarification please let me know.

Yours sincerely

John Yea