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Find the parts you want, from upgrade and replacement suspension parts, to shocks, cambers, control arms, MINI Cooper coil overs, sway bars and suspension repair parts.
For BMW MINIs made after 2002 - Cooper and Cooper S | Gen1 / Gen2 / Gen3 | R50-R61, F54-F60
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We offer a wide range of OEM and replacement MINI Cooper suspension parts for MINI Cooper S,  non-S and JCW models.  Plus, we have tons of articles, videos, installation instructions, etc. in our Suspension Articles section.


MINI Cooper Suspension Parts Categories include:

MINI Cooper S suspension parts and more is also available.  So, whatever you need for  your Mini Cooper’s suspension, chances are we’ve got it a price you can afford. And don’t miss out on our Suspension Installation articles and General Articles and Videos. Need help?  Call us at 800-946-2642 or contact us through our live help button at the top of the page.


Our MINI Cooper Coil Overs, Suspension Kits, Cambers and Repair Parts fits the following MINI Cooper Non-S, Cooper-S and JCW models:

GEN 1 models

Hatchback (R50) 2002-2006 (non-S)

Convertible (R52)  2005-2008

Hatchback (R53) 2002-2006 (Cooper S)


GEN 2 models

Clubman (R55) 2008-2014   

Hatchback (R56) 2007-2013  

Convertible (R57) 2009-2015  

Coupe (R58) 2012-2015

Roadster (R59) 2012-2015

Countryman (R60) 2011-2016

Paceman (R61) 2013-2016


GEN 3 models

Clubman (F54) 2016 - 2017+

Hardtop 4-Door (F55) 2015-2017+

Hardtop (F56) 2014 - 2017+

Convertible (F57) 2016-2017+

Countryman (F60) 2017+