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I just placed a reservation for a 2023 MINI SE... the electric MINI. I anticipate upgrading the suspension. I suspect the stock springs and shocks are designed for the heavier weight and it's unlikely that more performance oriented items are available. However I suspect wheels tire and swat bars could be changed with improvements to the handling using existing performance oriented parts? Your thoughts and recommendations! I'm thinking about the electric MINI as an "electric sports car" rather than efficient transportation! Regards, Don This form will not accept my actual email address!!! [email protected]
The handling dynamics will be completely different with the Cooper SE due to the weight of the batteries. I am not aware of any of the performance parts manufacturers testing their parts on the SE.

Since the SE shares the same rear sway bar as the F57 Cooper convertible with the standard suspension, we know some parts will 'fit'. We are just not sure how effective they will be. I would recommend you give the stock SE a chance to see where the shortcomings are and start from there. 

How bad is the understeer?
Is there much body lean
How firm is the suspension
For a while now, my New MINI Cooper has had an annoying creak I hear as I drive it. It is more audible when I am driving it, but can also be heard by a passenger. It seems to stem from the rear. I have taken my New MINI Cooper to the grave for a temp gauge change, and they looked at my base suspension and said all was ok, and the guy could not hear the creak. Tends to happen over bumps, and at slower speeds. Could it be my bushings needing repair?
I'm wondering if the bushings on the rear control arms may have dried out. You might try lubricating the ends of the control arms. Since they are rubber bushings, you might use a non-petroleum lubricant like silicone lubricant.

Here are links to the interior trim on the underside of the convertible top:

center trim
side trims

The MINI catalog does not list any hardware with these trims, so I suspect they are secured by molded tabs on the trim...

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