See the Bed-In procedure below for Carbotech Brake Pads. The Bed-In procedure for the Bobcat Street pad is different from the track type pads (AX6, XP8, XP10, XP12, and XP16) - see the appropriate procedure below.


MINI recommends NEW rotors when installing new brake pads.  MINI factory does not recommend 'Turning' of MINI rotors. 

We recommend the use of 'anti-squeal' compound, available at your local auto parts store.

Brake Fluid should be changed/flushed every two year, more often if you track your car.

For the Bobcat Street Pads - use caution when driving immediately after installing new pads - brake efficiency, noise, and dusting will not be optimal until the pads are 'broken in'.  As the Pads are broken in, brake feel will improve, any 'squealing' noises will diminish, and the amount of brake dust will be reduced.



  1. Brake from 60mph down to 30mph about 4-6 times.
  2. Then let your brakes cool for about 2-3 minutes while driving.
  3. Repeat step # 1.
  4. Allow the brake pads and discs to cool down to ambient temperature (about 30 minutes or more).

NOTE: Proper bedding of pads & rotors will result in greater performance and longer pad & rotor wear.



  1. All new brake pads require a bedding process, start this process by pumping your brakes a few times to assure proper installation. Once on track perform several moderate (medium) near stops (to a very slow rolling speed) to thoroughly warm up the pads and rotors. This should take 1-2 laps. This allows a thin layer of the pad material to be transferred into the micro-grooves of the rotor.
  2. After the pads/rotors are warm, perform a series of hard near stops (to a slow rolling speed) until some brake fade is felt. This process should take about 2-4 laps (depending on the track). Once this occurs, then stay off the brakes (as much as possible) and bring your car into the pits/paddock to completely cool. Do not lock the tires during this operation.
  3. Allow brake pads and/or rotors cool down to ambient temperatures; no less than 30 minutes. The total bedding procedure should not take more than 5-6 laps or about 10-15 minutes.

NOTE: The proper way to bed your brake pads and brake discs (rotors) is to bed them on the racetrack, NOT on the street (excluding the Bobcat compound).

Warning: Failure to properly bed in your pads could lead to friction material to chunk and break up resulting in poor pad performance and pad life. Improper bedding can also lead to overheating your pads and causing them to glaze over resulting in the car not being able to stop or slow properly.