This kit contains –

                1 ½” bar and blades assembly

                2 pairs alloy mounting blocks

                4 ¼” UNF x 2” cap head bolts

                4 ¼” UNF Nyloc nuts

                4 ¼” plain washers

                2 profiled mounting plates

                4 5/16” UNF x 1 ¼” bolts

                2 tube drop links

                4 void bushes

                4 5/16” UNF x 2” cap bolts

                2 5/16” plain washers


Jack rear of car up, and place securely on axle stands, positioned to allow maximum access to rear subframe/rear radius arms area. Slacken rear exhaust hanger ton exhaust clamp or unhook rubber loop on late type cars. Using suitable saw, cut off centralizing tab from bottom center of subframe rear cross member.


Check bores of bushes at drop link tube ends, they should be clean and clear. Remove any excess paint or weld. This is imperative to allow fitment of void bushes. Fit void bushes using pressure on outer sleeve only and squarely. Hang drop link onto each mounting plate by passing a 5/16” UNF x 2” cap bolt through the void bush, then screwing it into threaded hole in plate. Do up initially so drop link is free to swing.


Assemble mounting blocks to bar just inside the blade lever arms, ensuring the halves are identically numbered. Do not mix them up as they are lined bored for concentricity. With bar positioned in front of rear cross member, carefully line mounting blocks up with outer edges of subframe, behind cone spring seat support. Take care to position blocks so that bar is able to swing freely and when holes are drilled, sufficient space is available to fit nuts on to ends of mounting block bolts. Clamp blocks in position to check these points. Once satisfied, either use blocks as guides to drill holes in subframe, or at least to mark position for holes to be drilled. These should be ¼"/6.5mm.


Once drilled, connect each end of the blade lever arms to the drop links by passing 5/16” x 2” cap bolts through each lower void bush, then through the hole drilled in the forward end of the blade, securing with 5/16” Nyloc nuts on the outside of the blade. Leave slightly loose so drop link swings easily.


Now re-assemble mounting blocks to the bar, and secure to subframe using ¼” UNF cap bolts passing through blocks, subframe, with a ¼” plain washer and ¼” UNF Nyloc nut on each end. Variations in subframe assembly may require a flat to be filed onto the edge of the plain washer.


Finally, re-fit drums and wheels, jack car up, remove stands and lower onto ground before tightening up the four drop link securing bolts.


Note: As the bar is operating in hostile conditions, it is advisable to apply copper anti-seize grease to all threads, bush liners, and the bar where it runs in the mounting blocks.