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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Cooper HIF38 Carburetor 38mm 1.5/HIF44 Carburetor 44mm 1.75

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Classic Mini Cooper HIF38 Carburettor 38mm 1.5/HIF44 Carburettor 44mm 1.75

MINI Catalog Page 6-15
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Part No



  CSK94 1
Service repair kit, HIF38
  CSK75 1
Service repair kit, HIF44
FZX1280 1
Carburettor assembly HIF44, Rebuilt
FZX1531 1
Original carburettor
No longer Available
MAC10031 1
Carburettor assembly HIF38, Rebuilt
LZX1523 1
Suction chamber and piston assembly
No longer Available
LZX1521 1
Suction chamber and piston assembly
Special Order Item
LZX2085 1
Dashpot damper, HIF44
LZX1511 1
Dashpot damper, HIF38
AUD4251 1
Jet needle screw
No longer Available
AUD4252 1
Jet needle screw
No longer Available
AUD4355 1
Dashpot spring (red) 4.5oz
AUD4398 1
Dashpot spring (yellow) 8oz
WZX1453A 1
Jet assembly kit HIF44 was GSU402, 0.100"
MGM10008 1
Jet assembly kit HIF38, .090"
WZX1441 1
Bearing and needle jet kit
HIF38 and HIF44
NZX3036 1
Needle AEM (standard) 1300cc
No longer Available
NZX8071 1
Jet needle BFY
NZX8040 1
Needle lean B.E.R
AUD3306 1
Spring for needle
10  JZX1039 1
Needle guide
11  WZX1509 1
Float kit assembly
Fits HIF38 and HIF44
12  CUD2082 1
Float spindle
13  WZX1099A 1
Needle valve and seat
14  JZX1005 1
Float lid
15  AUD3588 1
Float lid seal
16  CUD2399 1
Bi metal strip (also in WZX1257 kit)
17  WZX1264 1
Throttle spindle kit, HIF38
17  WZX1127 1
Throttle spindle kit, threaded one end only
For HIF44 only
17  WZX1128 1
Throttle spindle kit, threaded both ends
Most applications, HIF44
18  WZX1183 1
Throttle disc kit
18  WZX1387 1
Throttle disc kit
19  AUD3590 4
Float lid screw
20  WZX1505 1
Gasket pack with spindle seals
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