Classic Mini Vintage Race With Don Racine

In this video Don Racine travels to the Sonoma Raceway to compete in the David Lowe Memorial event. Don is showing off his driving skills in our newly restored Vintage Race #62 Mini Cooper.

Sonoma Raceway is a well-known, facility with a demanding multiple configuration track. With 160 feet of elevation change from its highest to lowest points, Sonoma Raceway offers drivers everything they want, from the constant radius, neck-stressing Carousel to the left-right-left-right dance through the esses. Sonoma has full or half test days available for individuals to rent throughout the year.

CSRG started running events at Sonoma in 1973 and the partnership has continued to this day. They run one of the most popular vintage racing events there in October, The Charity Challenge, which raises money for The Speedway Children's Charities by selling race car rides to spectators.

Think you can keep up?

These vintage Mini Coopers are built with high quality performance parts that give Don the ability to race around the track at a high level. Luckily, we have what ever it takes to get you Mini to the next level. Contact us here at Mini Mania if you're ready for it!

Here's to help you get started.

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