ECU Upgrades for F54-F60 BMW MINI Cooper and Cooper S

ECU Upgrades for:
F54 - 2016+ Clubman S and Non S
F55 - 2015+ 4 Door Hatchback/Hardtop S and Non S
F56 - 2014+ 2 Door Hatchback/Hardtop S and Non S
F57 - 2016+ Convertible S and Non S
F60 - 2017+ Countryman S and Non S

The ECU software is the software inside the Minis main computer (ECU) that controls how the engine runs (among other functions). The stock software from the factory is developed with a delicate balance between fuel economy, durability, and performance.  The ECU software upgrade skews the software towards performance by manipulating parameters such as  ignition timing, fuel mixture, boost pressure, just to name a few.

MINI F54, F55, F56, F57, F60 ECU Upgrades

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