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Mini Cooper S Power Booster Kit NM Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60 thru 2019

Mini Cooper S Power Booster Kit NM Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60 thru 2019

Mini Cooper S Power Booster Kit NM Gen3 F55 F56 F57 F54 F60 thru 2019
Selected: NM Power Module thru 2019
Part No: G3NMK3090
Specially Priced. Discounts Do Not Apply.
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)
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The Mini Cooper Power Booster Kit is a 'plug-and-play' upgrade for instant performance improvement! This is a 'stealthy' upgrade with no external indication of the increased performance in your MINI. The only visible sign is the big GRIN on your face!

The Power module can add as much as 44HP & 34FT-LB Torque (with 100+ octane fuel), and the Sprint Booster eliminates the throttle delay common to the drive-by-wire electronic throttle bodies. The result?... Instant improvement with throttle response and MORE POWER!!

If your MINI has the 'Sport Mode' option, this kit will add another big step above Sport Mode engine performance.

Fits the following Cooper S models with the 2.0 ltr engine:

2014-2019 F56 MINI Cooper S Hardtop
2015-2019 F55 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door
2016-2019 F57 MINI Cooper S Convertible
2016-2019 F54 MINI Cooper S Clubman
2017-2019 F60 MINI Cooper S Countryman

Yes, this is not a cheap upgrade - BUT.... you can take the traditional route and get a Cold Air Intake (about $300+) and an exhaust system (about $1000), and you won't see the gains this Power Booster kit will give you for about HALF the cost! Take advantage of the hi-tech solution and improve performance the 'modern way'.


  • Installation time of less than 1 hour
  • Completely reversible
  • Untraceable after removal
  • Transferable to other Gen3 MINIs


The NM Power Module is an all new propriatery tune box designed specifically for the F56, not some rebranded 3rd party product for the BMWs. It is a plug and play box that intercepts the T-MAP sensor and can be installed or removed within minutes without any detection. The electrical components are housed in a billet aluminum enclosure which is protected from the elements and is designed and manufactured to be positioned within the engine bay of your vehicle. The wire harness is manufactured using automotive quality wiring which is both oil and heat resistant, and has the same OE water proof connectors as used on your engine.


Two position switch:

  • LOW: 91+ Premium Fuel (+23HP/+23TQ)
  • HIGH: 100+ Octane Fuel (+44HP/+34TQ)


  • Allows ECU to remain in control of boost
  • The actual boost is increased by a precise amount
  • Boost is increased in a gradual, progressive fashion
  • Correct Air/Fuel mixture maintained from the wide band O2 and closed loop mode of the ECU
  • Ignition timing optimized by the ECU
  • Retain factory engine safety protocols
  • Not effected by ECU reprogramming by the dealer
  • Plug-and-play intercept at T-MAP sensor connector location
  • Installation or removal can be completed in a few minute
  • No trace Power Module was ever there after removal
  • Power Module can be sold or transfered to another vehicle of the same engine type.


Not to be used with 1.5T engine (Cooper non-S).

OBDII displays actual boost and not compensated, which makes the module compatible with all OBD reader/scanner, such as: Scan Gauge, P3, PLX, Torque Pro, etc.

Take a look at this Power Module Dyno Run video:


See NM Power Module installation instructions here.


Since 2000, auto makers have replaced responsive cable throttle systems with the cheaper electronic versions. Unfortunately, they've robbed your MINI of its performance. Sprint Booster not only corrects this problem, it actually improves your throttle response. It unlocks your MINI's potential, creating a smoother, more powerful ride.

This isn't just something that you feel when you get to top end speed. You feel the difference in your daily driving... and it makes driving fun again.

The Sprint Booster comeS with a plug n' play selectable switch. The selectable switch can be located anywhere the driver chooses with the use of double sided tape. The driver will be able to choose between 3 acceleration programs by pressing the LED button: factory, sport and race.

Installing a Sprint Booster in your car will:

  • Provide quicker acceleration
  • Enable faster passing
  • Increase the responsiveness when driving uphill.
  • Allow quicker gear changes
  • Provide easier rev matching

Our Sprint Booster V3 features:

  • 3 Acceleration modes (Off, Sport and Racing)
  • 36 Acceleration programs (18 manual & 18 automatic transmissions)
  • Pedal lock mode
  • Valet mode
  • Ultra compact size / New Design
  • Plug n Play installation

Additional MINI Sprint Booster V3 Features

Each mode (SPORT – RACE) comes with 9 steps-programs so the driver can choose the one that suits his driving style (18 programs for manual transmission & 18 programs for automatic transmission in total).  This allows the driver to fine-tune each mode (SPORT – RACE) according his needs by selecting one of the nine different programs on each mode.

You can select 1-9 in SPORT mode (Green light) and 1-9 in RACE mode (Red light) with '1' being the least aggressive program and '9' the most aggressive one.  Each program adjusts the response by 3-6% so it can be fully adjustable and customized by each driver.

The Pedal Lock mode provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. The driver can deactivate the acceleration ability of the vehicle when it's stationary through a 3 digit PIN. When Pedal lock is enabled the acceleration gets disabled and the vehicle stays on idle until you enter the correct PIN.

The Valet mode limits the acceleration of the vehicle by 55 % - 65% - 75% and comes in 3 selectable levels.) It is activated/deactivated through a 3 digit PIN. By limiting the acceleration there will be a significant reduce in vehicle's performance (Power and Torque).

The compact size allows the driver to place the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard with the use of the double-sided tape.

MINI Sprint Booster V3 also offers the option to the driver to completely remove the switch from the device. In this case, the device will work with the last settings stored in memory. For example, if the driver disconnects the selector switch while in SPORT-5 (SPORT mode- Acceleration program 5), the device will keep as default the program SPORT-5.

MINI Sprint Booster Power Converters V3 comes with 3 Acceleration modes :

  • Off mode - Sprint Booster is deactivated. The response of the car has the factory settings. The LED of the Selector switch is OFF.
  • Sport mode - Sprint Booster V3 provides improved response up to 30%. The LED of the selector switch in Sport mode is Green.
  • Race mode - Sprint Booster V3 provides improved response up to 60%. The LED of the selector switch in Race mode is Red.

NOTE: Some States (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your local regulations on compliance for street use.


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