These are a direct replacement for the standard bottom arms and will add 1½° of negative camber to whatever the car has as standard - quoted by the manufacturers as being 1° positive, + 1°. If the car has 1° positive, fitting the negative camber arms will give ½° camber. Measuring what the car has with standard arms will help determine what camber setting will be achieved by using C-AJJ3364. Negative camber helps reduce under steer, therefore improving the cars cornering performance.

Altering the cars ride height also alters the camber angle and so needs setting before considering the fitment of C-AJJ3364 - lowering the car adds negative camber, raising it adds positive camber. Excessive negative camber will increase tyre wear on the inner edge. A maximum of 1½° negative is suggested for road use.

NOTE: Increasing negative camber by lowering the car will also increase the castor angle.


If the kit you have purchased has the letter A or B suffix or is paint coded blue or white respectively, the following applies.