The MINI Cooper Turbo K04 JMTC Billet GT Dominator™  Upgrade

Designed to outperform the GT28 Turbo upgrade in performance, value, and ease of installation.  This is a true 'bolt-on' upgrade!

JMTC Billet GT Dominator™ is a high flow K04 direct bolt in upgraded turbocharger that is engineered to dominate the biggest GT turbochargers and fits all 2007+ Mini Cooper S. This is the number one best upgrade if you want to dominate all GT28 turbocharged Mini Coopers.  Great for applications that need over 300hp. 
GT Dominator™
  • Huge high flow Billet 47mm compressor
  • Huge high torque exhaust turbine
  • Upgraded 360deg bearing
  • High strength K04 internals
  • Designed for higher pressure
  • High temperature alloy turbine housing
  • Dual scrolling turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing

These advanced units are high flow, direct bolt-on K04 models  where the requirement is for huge power gains and high torque from the mid-range through to the top-end. Available in Ported and Non-Ported versions. 



Cooper S / JCW models with N14 and N18 Engines 2007-2016  
R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
K04 Gt Dominator Turbo - Cooper S and JCW models (2007-2016)

Cooper S /JCW models with N14 and N18 Engines 2007-2016  
R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
Refurbished - K04 Gt Dominator Turbo - Cooper S and JCW models (2007-2016)


Mini Cooper S Turbo K04 Ported Gt Dominator™ Gen2 2007-2016
Cooper S and JCW models with N14 and N18 Engines - 
R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
K04 Ported Gt Dominator Ported Cooper S  and JCW (2007-2016)
Refurbished Mini Cooper S Turbo K04 Ported Gt Dominator™ Gen2 2007-2016
Cooper S and JCW models with N14 and N18 Engines - 
R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 R60 R61
Refurbished - K04 Ported Gt Dominator Ported Cooper S and JCW (2007-2016)

The JMTC's Billet GT Dominator TM is our answer to dominate the GT28 and it does that in much more ways than just performance.
This extreme high-flow dual scrolling turbo dominates by giving you better response, quicker spool time, more power, higher torque, and because it is a dual scroll it gives you extended power and torque above and beyond the capability of the GT28.  And the Dominator™ delivers it without the excessive tuning, tweaking, and expensive maintenance required by the GT28.  So if you are looking for the most reliable power throughout the entire power band (and not just all at the top-end) you can get out of a Mini Cooper than this is definitely the turbo for you.
We are in no way saying that you won’t see big gains with the GT28, however it is not the right turbocharger for your or any Mini Cooper and we think it is one of the worst upgrades for a Mini. First and worst of all, it does not bolt into place easily and requires countless hours of labor to install it and cutting many parts to fit.  Not only do you have to make several modifications, including but not limited to using an aftermarket blow off valve, downpipe, intake, inter-cooler feed pipe, it even needs an adapter to bolt up to the exhaust manifold adding to the complexity and in-efficiency.  But worse is your OEM Mini Cooper CPU can’t even control the boost pressure so it requires an aftermarket boost controller to get it to even work!  This all adds to an already expensive, complex, and less than optimal turbocharging system that is not a good fit for a refined Mini Cooper. 
Not only are you required to by an expensive control unit (and blow off valve) after you buy enormously expensive less then optimal turbo you also lose the best feature of the Mini Coopers turbocharging system, Dual Scroll.  Many of the highlights of driving Mini Coopers is the quick response of a well-designed turbocharging system.  Boost comes on early, strong, and last long giving you a great street cruiser.  You start feeling power at about 1800rpms and it doesn't stop until about 5500.  Which is unfortunately when the GT28 finally wakes up, giving you no bottom end and in a race it leaves you at the starting line, several car lengths behind a car with a better power range.

Not to mention that you lose any chance of having fun making quick maneuvers in traffic.  This all destroys your driving experience making your Mini practically useless as a daily driver.
Not only do you lose drive ability but it requires a huge number of aftermarket parts just to get it to work halfway decent and that is not the worst thing.  The GT28 just doesn’t fit and if you do really want it to fit you need to cut your precious Mini apart just to squeeze in a gigantic turbo.  And the problems don't stop there, if you don’t get heavy duty solid vibration inducing motor mounts your new expensive turbo is going to be jammed into the hood and core support every time you press the throttle!   Not to mention it is unreliable due to many aftermarket parts, it won’t pass smog, and the only way to get it to pass is to modify or add many more expensive parts or completely remove the entire system.
But we have the resolution to all of your 300 + HP dreams, the GT Dominator™ is designed to destroy the GT28 in every category starting with a clean OEM fit and installation.  We designed our GT Dominator™ to fit and work optimally with all OEM components.  We know that nobody likes modifying, ripping out, destroying, and throwing away good expensive parts that can’t be replaced if there is ever an issue with your car. 

No cutting, drilling, adapter plates, or modifications required, it is OEM ECU controllable, and to top it off, you don't need to install any aftermarket parts to get it to fit and perform at peak efficiency unlike the GT28.  Installing a GT Dominator TM will save you not only a huge amount of time and frustration but a lot of money.

So not only does GT Dominator™ install with ease, it will give you huge power and torque at the top-end, however because we maintain the Dual Scroll function it gives you a very manageable bottom end.  Making this the best turbo for not only daily driving but Weekend Street, strip, and track domination! The GT Dominator™ delivers the boost at the higher RPM which is perfect for the track, or any and all off-road applications, and extreme street applications.

The huge Billet 47mm compressor gives you extra boost at the top end when you need it most and prevents the torque loss you see with the stock Mini Cooper turbo. If you are looking to dominate on the track, strip, off-road, or a dominating street upgrade that delivers full race performance this is the only turbo for you. 

The GT Dominator™ dominates the GT28 in every category so if you are looking for the biggest, most reliable, and best turbo upgrade for your Mini Cooper look no further and get one today!