Quick Guide to Finding the Best Turbo for your MINI Cooper S and JCW

The first thing you need to ask yourself is....  Do I want to REPLACE my turbochargerOr do I want an UPGRADE?  Because those are two completely different mind sets.    And whether you are looking for an upgrade in performance or just need a turbo replacement, this application guide will help you find the 'right' turbo for you.

** For California customers, only the factory original OEM turbocharger replacement and Borg Warner OEM turbo replacement will legally pass the California Emissions tests.  None of the turbo upgrade's are CARB certified. You can also use a factory original JCW or Borg Warner replacement JCW turbo on a Cooper S and pass California smog.


Turbo Replacements For MINI Coopers
Replacement Turbos are units designed to restore original factory performance, most commonly for failed or 'worn out' units. Prices vary widely from the least expensive aftermarket refurbished units up to the MINI factory original replacements.





Turbo Upgrades
Turbo Upgrades are units designed to increase performance over original factory performance. Many customers choose an upgraded turbo since they can be much less expensive compared to the MINI factory original replacements while improving performance! 

Quick Spool K03 Super 42 Turbo Upgrades

Cooper S and JCW (2007-2016) N14 and N18 Engines

High Flow / High Power K04 GT Dominator 47 Turbo Upgrades

Cooper S and JCW (2007-2016) N14 and N18 Engines

Some states (like California) have ever tightening requirements for emissions testing and inspections. Always check your current local regulations on compliance for street use.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A New Turbo

When you decide that you need a new turbo,  you will need to consider:
  • Replacement or Upgrade?
  • My budget?
  • Street, track or both?
  • Quick spool (street friendly - minimal lag) vs. Max power (more power & more lag)
  • Is it C.A.R.B. certified (for California customers) **

NOTES: To maximize the power output with your new Turbo don't miss our Mini Cooper ECU Upgrade  article.

When Replacing the Turbo After a Failure

  1. There are many precautions that need to be taken - especially if you are replacing a failed turbo
    1. Read the product pages carefully - they contain a lot of important information.
  2. 2. Select turbos based on the engine type in your MINI Cooper S. 
  3. 3. Production dates and corresponding engine types for JCW models are different from Cooper and Cooper S models. 
  4. 4. Refurbished Units are completely overhauled including replacement of all internal wearable items such as Turbine Shaft Bearings and Steel Thrust Plates. After the rebuild all internal components are triple balanced which is one step better then the manufacturer's dual balance process. 

Video On Failed Turbo 

Here is a video showing an example of a failed turbo (not MINI but the same type of failure).  More specifically, a failed bearing which could have been caused by oil supply issues or back pressure from a clogged catalytic converter. 

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