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WARNING!  JMTC does not provide instruction on how to install this product. Only authorized personnel may perform installation, please use the appropriate certified mechanic for installations of these products!

Before installing your new turbocharger always take a few important steps to increase the life of the turbocharger.

  1. Inspect all components for shipping damage, do not install the turbo if you suspect there is damage due to shipping. Inspect all holes and remove all dust plugs. If any you have concerns please contact us via the information below we will be happy to answer any of your questions, concerns, or provide tech support.

  2. Always replace the turbo oil supply line with the turbo.
    1. Due to excess heat round the turbocharger and particulates suspended in the turbo supply oil the oil will harden or “coke” in the turbo and oil supply lines. If the oil supply line is not replaced with the turbocharger the coked oil will break free from the side walls of the oil supply line and damage the turbocharger bearings. Cleaning the oil line will not help and only aggravate and increase the likelihood of the turbo failure due to coked oil breaking free form the sidewall.

  3. Always replace or refurbish the catalytic converters on mini coopers before installing a new turbo.
    1. The Catalytic converter may look clear but if any oil leaked into it some of the holes might be blocked and will cause back pressure. This starts to happen on Mini Coopers at 15k miles! Exhaust back pressure causes premature failure of the turbocharger. Turbochargers are not designed to have pressure on the exhaust side.

  4. Always prime the turbocharger.
    1. No oil on the turbocharger bearings will cause failure of the bearings if they are dry even for a short period of time

  5. Always flush oil after a turbocharger change
    1. Most turbochargers fail catastrophically this means that the metal and other items can end up in your oil. Always flush your oil a minimum of 3 times with new oil after an oil change.


  • To receive the full 1 year warranty the oil supply line must be changed with the turbocharger.

  • Core returns need to be accompanied with a copy of the receipt and contact information.

  • To get a new warranted part the item must be returned within 360 days of purchase.

  • The item must be packed appropriately with shipping padding. No returns will be excepted if placed in an empty box, if packed with other items or packed in a way that can damage the turbocharger.

  • To insure that the item is return properly mark box with the words “Warranty Return” so it is not confused with a core return.

JMTC Unlimited exchange policy (new JMTC, refurbished JMTC, or Borg Warner refurbished by JMTC turbochargers only)

We only sell quality products and stand behind our products that is why we can offer you and UNLIMITED warranty on our turbos.

90day Exchange Policy
First, all of our turbos come with a 90day exchange policy. Meaning that if you realize that you need more or less turbo boost you have up to 90 days from the date of shipment to return the turbo for exchange for a NEW turbo charger.

But we don’t stop there, if at anytime you need to exchange/upgraded/refurbished the turbocharger for any reason we will rebuild and/or upgrade it to the turbo you want for only $299.991 2 plus shipping and
parts cost. Also, if you check your turbo for wear every 10,0003 4  miles, and find that it is getting warn out send it back to us and we will refurbish it for only $299.991 2 3 .


1 Rebuild includes cleaning and replacing all internals ie thrust bearing, journal bearing, and wearable items inside the bearing housing. The refurbished does not include replacing the turbine, turbine shaft, compressor, exhaust, and bearing housing. Any damaged items will be replaced but is limited to a max cost of $150.00' for parts, refurbish + upgrade parts are not limited to $150.00.

2 Price is subject to change without notice, but will be limited to the price stated on our website.

3 We recommend replacing the oil line and catfold with the turbo. Thrust bearing wear is a sign of back pressure in the exhaust due to a clogged catalytic converter. Oil starvation is a sign of a clogged oil line due to heat from the catalytic converter and exhaust. If they are not replaced with the turbocharger the can cause the turbocharger to prematurely fail.

4 Refresh/Refurbishment is recommended every 10,000 miles, upgrades can be done at anytime.

JM Turbo Coopers

JMTC assumes no responsibly for any injury or death that can happen due to improper installation or installation techniques.

Above information is subject to change without notice.