Hey gang, it's Brendan from Mini Mania again. Today we're at A.J. Superior Automotive in Grass Valley just down the road from Nevada City, where Mini Mania is headquartered. We have our R60 here, which we are going to fit with a new Cat Back Exhaust from NM Engineering.

We're going to give you a sound of the current Stock Exhaust and then we're going to compare it after we get this great, high quality Aftermarket Exhaust fitted to it and you can compare it. Want to give it a Rev there Stephen? We'll see what it sounds like at the Tail Pipe before.

You can see it's pretty tame. OK cool. Now we'll get this up on a lift. We'll get fitted with something that's going to help Performance and make it sound a whole heck of a lot better. OK, let's get this bad boy up in the air and get to taking things off.

Here's a picture of the underside of the R60. Right in between those two Brackets is where we're going to get this cut, before we fit the NM Engineering piece. As you can see it actually goes back to a single Muffler, collector- with two Tips on it.

Not everybody has a Chain Cutter but A.J. is doing it the right way.

So you can see the dimple here-Boom and you can see the other dimple on the other side-Boom. He's on the one in the middle. As you can see we're provided with directions that show you; do the one in the middle. That's the one you cut and you're actually between the two Cross Braces here. So we're going to cut it off and then we're going to get to boltin' new stuff on.

See how much those Tips fill the Factory space, in the rear, much better. When you cut, using the Chain Cutter, you don't really need to do much in way of deburring this because it's such a clean cut.

AJ: My guess is they are thirty five to fifty bucks, for a Chain Cutter.

AJ: So, basically, I just tighten it until the Clamps come together. Not a "Torque Spec".

So it's pretty easy to say that anybody with a set of Jack Stands could attempt this themselves, probably without much of an issue. If you like crawling under your Car just make sure you use Jack Stands, do it safely. Shake the Car pretty good before you get under it. Make sure that you're not doing anything that's not safe. If you have a Lift, you've seen that you can do it very quickly.

Get the Aftermarket one ready. You can already hear the "Burble" Yeah- All right! Let's give that a few Revs.

Yeah- the Burble is definitely much better sounding and Stock. Thank you A.J. for all your help and we'll come back and bring you other Cars to tinker with.