Hi gang, it's Brendan from Mini Mania and today we are going to take our R60 and put a High Flow Induction Kit on it. This one's from NM Engineering and it's a really great, high quality Kit. We're going to show you how to do that right now. If you want to order one yourself, go to our Website: minimania.com and choose the New MINI side, punch in part number G2NME2112.

Let's get started right now. You can either use a 7MM Nut Driver on this, or I'm just going to use a Screwdriver to loosen this Clamp. Next step, I'm going to grab a hold of the Mass Airflow Connector right here and just press down and give it a yank. So next we're going to get some Needle Nose Pliers on this Line for the Brake Booster, give it a squeeze and we're just going to push that through, because this is actually going to go into a different place later on.

It's hard to see I know, but we're going to squeeze this Connector here and just press it through and there it is. As you can see now that's loose and it's not connected to the Fresh Air Tube anymore. Next step, we're going to take a number 25 Torques, we're going to come over to the passenger side of the Box and we're going to undo this Torque Screw right here. My Screwdriver is a little long but sometimes you just have to make do.

There's also some Pins that hold this down. Lift up on the Box. I'm going to give this a pretty good tug and as you can see right there, it's free. Now this is loose. We're going to disconnect this Pipe here and then I'm going to reach underneath the Cold Air Pipe, which goes like that and we're going to want to rotate that 90 degrees counterclockwise.

We're going to see if we can get that Pipe disconnected on the bottom here, it's hard to see. I'm also going to disconnect this Hose from the Clip, that's right on the side of that Box there. It's free now, so it's just a question of trying to be a little more delicate and get it out.

This is the Fresh Air Intake that we were finagling, to remove it from. OK, now we're going to take off this section of the Ducting that has the Mass Airflow Sensor on it. In order to remove this you need a number 30 Torques Screwdriver, so we're going to remove that.

I'm going to be removing this Rubber Ring, that was helping it seal to the OEM Air Box, it's not going to be needed. We're going to fit this right into our Stainless Steel Bracket here with the NM logo showing and the Electric Connection facing down. Then, with the supplied hardware, we are going to put the correct Nut on it, that's a 10MM Nut and a 4MM Allen Wrench that we're going to use to secure this.

These are Nyloc Nuts, as you can see, so there's no Washer necessary-we're just going to tighten that on the Bracket. OK now that we have our Mass Airflow Sensor connected to our Bracket, we're going to be taking this and mounting it into the OEM locations here and here. Then what we're going to do is, underneath, we're going to place a washer and a 13MM Nyloc Nut. It takes a little bit of doing, I have a feeling.

Reach in there and do that, it's probably not something I going to be able to see, it's more something that you just sort of have to feel. OK, so now we have got our Stainless Steel Bracket with our Mass Airflow Sensor connected right here. You want to make sure that the Rubber Grommets are still in place on the Factory Mounts and didn't end up on the bottom of the OEM Box.

Now we're going to take this angle Bracket right here and a piece of double stick tape and it's going to go right here as far down as we can go on the back of the ECU. We're basically going to just stick it right there. So without touching anything and having this come all the way down, I'm going to press that right up against the ECU, just like that.

Now that we have our Bracket in place, we're going to take the OEM fitting that we removed earlier and that one here is going to be pressed into the front hole here and then this Tab here is going to be held on to the back with one of the supplied Screws that we have. This is a little tricky. It's going to have to line up. See if you can get your hands down in there to pass it up into the bracket- give it a little bit of a wiggle.

It's almost in. I think we're good. All right, so we're all the way in there. See the Tab for the cold air? Just set that right there. We're going to put a Screw right through it and we're going to use our Allen Wrench to secure that.

OK, the directions will say that you need to take your Wiring Harness for your MAF switch and you need to slide it through here, if you need a little bit more room. We actually don't need to move this at all. We have more than enough room to reach the repositioned Sensor.

OK, so now we're going to take this supplied piece of blue pipe that comes and we're going to set the non beaded end into the Turbo Intake Pipe here. Slide that in and you're going to re-use the Factory Clamp. I looked for a Nut Driver that size and couldn't find one so I'm just using a Flathead Screwdriver to do that.

OK, the next step is to take our NM Engineering Connector Hose, sort of loosely, set our Clamps on there, and with the NM logo facing back towards the Firewall, sort of finagle this one into place. At first we're going to attach it to this side. Get that nice and secured on there. Then we're going to put the MAF Sensor on the other side, all the way up and then tighten the Clamps.

The next step is to take a little bit of Degreaser or Contact Cleaner- basically you want to clean out the inside of the fitting on the Filter. So we're going to do that right now. We found that if you have the Clamp oriented this way, it's a little bit too difficult to get in there, whereas if we flip it the other way and go out like this or like this it's actually much easier. So we're going to take the Clamp and flip it around. Ours just happened to be set on the Filter like that in the kit. Your Clamp may not, but just make sure that it's oriented this way.

You probably will have an easier time getting it tightened down. Get a Screw driver that has a round shank to it that is going to give you enough room to move around inside the logo. You're just going to want to find your Clamp down in there and you might have to have a couple of goes at this, it's a little bit tricky.

That's all there is to it. If you want to order your own High Flow Induction Kit, just go to our Web Site, go to the New MINI side and punch in G2NME2112.

Remember, especially, if you're a resident of California, you are going to want to make sure that you put on your Carb number right here. That should get you "exempt'" when you go to do your California Smog. This number needs to be on there and this should be legal in California.