Whether you need a mini cooper a pillar trim replacement, B-pillar gasket installation, or C-pillar trim set redo, this is a DIY project you can easily complete.  And this video we hope will help.  

Also, after the video, there's a Simple 5-Steps To Replacing Your Pillar Trim instructions written out for you in case you're more of a reader.

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Watch This Video or Read The Text Below to See How Easy It Is To Replace Your MINI's Pillars.

How Do You Replace The Mini Cooper's Pillar Trim Cover?

Mini Cooper A-pillar trim covers often blow off and need replacement.  Mini Cooper B-Pillar trim covers and C-Pillar trim cover just start to look old, faded, damaged. But all you need to do for Mini Cooper pillar trim replacement  is to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Starting with a trim removal tool or a flathead screwdriver covered in masking tape to prevent harming the surrounding surfaces, carefully pull off the old pillar trim cover. Take care not to harm the pillar's actual or the clips' clips.
  2. Clean the pillar: Use a soft cloth and a mild cleanser to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the pillar before putting the new pillar trim cover on.
  3. Install the new pillar trim cover by positioning it over the pillar and pushing it into position. Make certain that the cover's rear clips attach to the pillar firmly. To guarantee a snug fit, gently push down on the cover's edges using a trim tool or your fingertips.
  4. Reconnect all essential parts: Depending on where the pillar is, you might also need to reconnect the headliner or the seatbelt. To correctly reconnect any components, follow the manufacturer's instructions or consult the vehicle's handbook.
  5. Test the new pillar trim cover: After it has been put in place, check to see that it is properly fastened by lightly pulling on the edges. Verify that the lid is flat with the surrounding surfaces and that there are no gaps or alignment issues.

Replacing your Mini Cooper pillar trim can give your Mini Cooper a new look. It is advised to get advice from a qualified technician or a Mini Cooper repair shop if you are unsure about any of these processes.

Mini Cooper a pillar trim replacement - easy peasy.  

Now that you know how to replace your MINI Cooper Pillar Trim Cover - find the pillar you need by going here:  FIND THE PILLAR THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOUR MINI