Mini Cooper Ignition Tune-Up Kits

With Mini Mania's Classic Mini Cooper's Ignition Kit, rebuilding your ignition just got easier. Everything you need, all in one package.

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    25D Tune-Up Kit  (MMKT0704)

    Basic ignition tune-up kit with side-entry distributor cap, includes:
    DC1/DDB101 = Side Entry Distributor Cap,
    RA1/DRB101 = Pre'74 Rotor Arm,
    GCS101 = Pre'74 Points,
    C1/DCB101 = Pre'74 Condenser,
    LHT753/BOSCH = Ignition Wire Set (5 Wires w/Connectors),
    (4) BP6ES = NGK Spark Plugs




  • Ignition Rebuild Kit (MMKT0702)

    Ignition tune-up kit includes:
    RA1/DRB101 = Rotor pre71
    C1/DCB101 = Condenser pre71
    GCS101= Points pre71
    54413549= Low Tension Lead

    Note that this kit does NOT include the dizzy cap or ignition wires.
    Order top or side-entry separately




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    59D Tune-Up Kit (MMKT0708)

    Basic ignition tune-up kit for engines after 1980 and before Fuel injected.
    Approx 1980 thru 1989 that use the 59D distributor.
    The points typically have a distinctive blue plastic block in them.
    Kit includes points, condenser, rotor, plugs and wires.


  • 45D Tune-Up Kit (MMKT0707)

    Basic ignition tune-up kit for all engines from about 1974.
    The distributor should have a '45D' marked on it
    and the points have a distinctive red block.
    Kit includes points, rotor, condenser, plugs and wires.