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BMW Mini Cooper
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Early Ignition Tune-Up Kit Side Entry Distributor Cap

Early Ignition Tune-Up Kit Side Entry Distributor Cap

Early Ignition Tune-Up Kit Side Entry Distributor Cap
Selected: MMKT0704
Early Ignition Tune-Up Kit Side Entry Distributor Cap
Pre 1974 Tune Up Kit, 25D Distributors
Specially Priced Item
Internet Price $64.96
Basic ignition tune-up kit with side-entry distributor cap, includes: DC1/DDB101=Side Entry Distributor Cap RA1/DRB101=Pre'74 Rotor Arm GCS101=Pre'74 Points C1/DCB101=Pre'74 Condenser GHT102=Ignition Wire Set (5 Wires w/Connectors) (4) BP6ES=NGK Spark Plugs.

Classic Mini
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