The Importance of Brakes

Brakes play a HUGE role in the performance of your car. The faster you are able to accelerate, the quicker you need to be able to modulate your speed or even stop. 

Beyond merely stopping, the ability to finesse your brakes has a good deal to do with the quality of braking equipment that you are using. Here at Mini Mania, we have solutions for all your braking needs.

You now have the ability to convert your Mini (any year) to disc brakes. Disc brakes offer much improved braking performance because they dissipate heat better and also remain much more effective during wet weather. Brake fade is far less likely to be an issue with disc brakes. We have complete kits that make this conversion easier, as it contains every nut & bolt you may need.

If removing unsprung weight is a concern, we have super lightweight disc setups. With anodized calipers and slotted rotors, it also gives your Mini a very modern, high-performance look, and weighs in at less than half the weight of standard drum brakes.

When it comes to brakes, size matters. Our big brake kits can further enhance your braking performance by providing larger braking surfaces.

No matter what brake upgrades you need for your Mini, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our more popular kits: