MINI Cooper Blow Off Diverter Valve
Many Mini Cooper motors use the performance advantages gained from the use of a Turbo Charger.  By design the turbo increases the amount of air pushed into the combustion chamber of your engine.  The "Forced induction system" found in the 2007 thru 2013 MINI Cooper S basically has a impeller driven by exhaust gases. As these gases go faster and faster when the engine speed goes it, so does the pressure of the being forced in.  All engines have a very real mechanical limitation as to how much pressure they can accept before they simply blow-up!  The solution is the so called "Blow-Off Valve" also calledfound below a "Diverter Valve".  In the old days these same valves were called "wastegates".   Modern blow-off valves are control by the computer systems on board. But the reality is limited by mechanical design and longevity.  Upgrades are now available to increase the point at which the By-Pass takes place and improved mechanical technology will improve longevity.  Detail options can be  found below.