MINI Cooper Control Arm Bushings

The MINI Cooper suspension utilizes rubber bushing in both the front and rear control arms.  The factory original bushing typically last about 60K miles before you might notice a few clunks and/or squeaks while driving.  They are basically used to isolate the different parts from each other and to prevent sound and vibrations coming from the road and tires to travel through the rest of the car.  Worn-out front control arm bushing will result in increasing less responsive steering.  The steering very slowly looses its precision and simply feels like many other Detroit sedans.  The rear suspension has two elements to the suspension that include factory rubber bushing: the control arms and the swing arms.  The result of worn out rear bushing will be most evident in tire wear and general sloppiness in feel.  
MINI Cooper control arm bushings for the front suspension are available in either factory original rubber, Value line rubber or the poly version.  The poly version maintains the sports car feel of your MINI for an extended period of time longer than the original rubber. 
MINI Cooper control am bushings for the rear of the car are NOT available from the factory at all.  BMW MINI would rather sell you the complete control or swing arms. Mini Mania now offers a poly version of these bushes that will not only be a great cost effective option but will really add to the sports car feel!