Find The Right Tow Hook for Your MINI

The Tow Hook is an essential ingredient for any roadside emergency kit - whether you have a daily driver or a track car. Even if you don't 'tow' the car, you will need this to simply 'pull' you car onto the flatbed. Yes, the tow truck driver can attach chains under the car to pull it onto the flatbed, but this will usually result in damage to the front spoiler or wind deflector due to the low ride height of your MINI. USE the Tow Hook!!

P.S. If you're wondering about where your tow hook location is - here's a great article that can help: Tow Hook Locations and Covers.

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GEN1 Tow Hooks (R50 - R53)

GEN2 Tow Hooks (R55 - R61)

GEN3 Tow Hooks (F55 - F60)

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