Minis and the Month of November


            Significant events in the life of the Mini from the month of November; including, the birth of Alex Issigonis.


Issigonis Born

            1906, November. Alex Issigonis was born in Smyrna, Turkey on Sunday the 18th to Konstantinos and Hulda Issigonis.

And So It Started

1956, November. Leonard Lord gave Issigonis instructions to move from the bigger car projects he had been working on to a small car project. Issigonis was given free rein with the exception that it was required that a current production engine be used.

Early Booteds Get the Boot

1962, November. The Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet Mk I were discontinued. Total production of Mk I: Elf, 3,522; Hornet, 3,166

Mini in September - Mini Mania Inc.Mini in September - Mini Mania Inc.

First 998cc Coopers

            1963, November. The first 998cc Austin and Morris Coopers were built on the 20th.

Recline in a Cooper

            1965, November. A factory reclining seat option was offered on the Cooper and Cooper S for the first time.


Little Inno Made Debut

            1965, November. The Italian-built Innocenti Mini 850 was introduced.

Early 998 For South African Mini 1000

            1965, November. The South African Mini 1000 was announced with the 998 and hydrolastic suspension.

Mini in September - Mini Mania Inc.

RAC Rally to Aaltonen

            1965, November. Aaltonen won the RAC Rally in DJB 93B.

Goodbye to the Cooper

            1969, November. The Mini Cooper was discontinued.

Total 997 & 998 Cooper production: approx. 100,100. Total 998 Mk II Cooper production: Austin, 9,900; Morris, 21,800

Mini and the month of April - Mini Mania Inc.

Vent Wings Windows for Inno

            1970, November. The Innocenti Mini Cooper got opening quarter light (vent wing) door windows. The English built cars never did get them. Australian and South African cars had them in the 60s.

Pickup 848 Gone

            1980, November. The 848cc engine option was dropped from the Pickup line.

Mini and the month of June - Mini Mania Inc.



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