MINI Cooper Mirror Cover Installation Instructions - Union Jack

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The Union Jack Mirror Cover replaces the factory mirror cover. Since you must return the factory mirror cover in order to refund the core deposit, please take great care in removing the cover. The clips which secure the cover are VERY DELICATE.

A 9 inch scribe tool such as the one pictured below works well in releasing the factory clips.



There are 5 clips inside the mirror cover which must be released before the cover can be removed.


A close-up of the clip is pictured below.


These clips are secured to the mirror assembly at the locations shown below.



1. For easier access to the mirror assembly, swing the mirror wide so you can easily face the mirror.


2. While facing the passenger side mirror (LHD), push in the lower right side mirror to expose the inner clip.


3. Using the scribe tool, insert the tip of the tool under either side of the clip just enough to release it - be careful, it breaks easily (the center portion of the clip is especially delicate). While lifting the clip, pull back on the mirror cover to fully release the clip.


4. Once the clip is released, push in the lower left side of the mirror to expose the middle and outside clip


5. Carefully insert the tool under the middle clip while pulling the cover away. The clip should release.

6. Repeat the same for the outside clip, and the 3 upper clips should release. Don't pull the cover off yet!

7. Push on the upper edge of the mirror to expose the lower 2 clips.

8. Carefully release each lower clip as you pull back on the cover.

9. Once both clips are released, the cover should pull off easily.


10. Carefully line up the upper clips to the mirror assembly and gently press on. Make sure the lip of the cover goes under the rim of the mirror assembly.

11. The new cover should simply snap in place.

12. Repeat Steps 1 - 9 for the Drivers side!