Team Mini Mania Races Across America in 2016

2016 Team Mini Mania will again try to set a personal best by traveling over 6,000 miles in a little over 30 days while racing at 4 different Vintage Race tracks and attending both East and West Coast National Mini Meets.  The Team will take our venerable 1961 Mini Cooper as originally raced in the ’60 by John Unsbee back on the road for a celebration of who we are. 
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June 1st – MM Headquarters to Sonoma Raceway

June 2nd thru June 5thSVRA Sonoma Historics Vintage Race

June7th thru June 8th – Mini Meet West 2016- San Diego

June 10th thru June 12thRMVR Vintage Race- Pueblo, Colorado

June 15th thru June 19thSVRA Brickyard Vintage Race- Indianapolis, Indiana

June 22nd thru June 26thSVRA Vintage Grand Prix Race – Mid-Ohio Race track

June 30th thru July 3rd – Mini Meet East- Oak Ridge Tenn.

July 5th- Meet with MiniSpares at Mini Mania in Grass Valley, Calif.