Tips and Tricks for Replacing MINI Cooper Windshield Wipers

Our MINI expert shows how to replace wiper blades on MINI Coopers.


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Hi Gang. It's Brendan Mccray from Mini Mania again. And what we're going to do today, I'm going to show you how to change your all-important windshield wipers. Right now. we're getting into Fall and up here in the foothills of the wonderful Sierra Nevada Range. This is a good time to change out your windshield wipers and we're going to show you how to do that. And what we're going to do is we're going to change out these and we're going to put on the factory settings and it's a simple operation.

All you do is raise your arm and, tilt the wiper blade like this. There's a small tab here, just press the tab, pull this out a little bit and just press this whole thing towards the windshield and it'll just sort of slide out just like that and I'll do that one more time just to show how easy it is, press the tab, push towards the windshield, make sure that you've got a little clearance there with the blade itself and then you can just slide it right off. And what we're going to replace these with today are the actual OEM wiper blades. This is the part number NMK3119. You can get these at

This is what they're going to look like when they come out of the box. Now, the driver's side is always going to be shorter. The shorter of the two-passenger side is going to be the longer one we're doing the driver's side here right now. I'm going to set this one aside. This one also has a spoiler on it so that when you're using the wiper blades at speed, this actually will keep it against your windshield. Kind of a clever little BMW trick there.

What you're going to do just like from before this tab is a slightly different shape than the other one, but it's the same basic idea. You're also going to want to make sure that when this goes on the orientation of your spoiler here is down toward the ground. This is incorrect. You want this to be down towards the ground. Okay. And to do that, you're just going to need to sort of orient it like this. As you can see again, you're just going to go in, you're going to sort of position this clip just like that. You're going to, instead of pushing it towards the windshield, you're going to pull it out until it clicks and there you go, driver's side done. We're going to do the same for the passenger side. Push it out until it clicks.

And you're done and that's all there is to change your wiper blades on your mini, these particular wiper blades will work on every model of mini except for the coupe and a Roadster going all the way back to the 1st 2000 to 2001 Minis.

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