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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Camshaft & Timing Chain

MINI Catalog Page 1-3
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12G2626 1
Front plate
Use U-12G2626
CAM4700B 1
Gasket for front plate to block
GUG705554GM 1
Gasket for front plate to block
Genuine Rover
53K2016 2
Screw 1/4”unf 5/8” long for front plate to bearing main cap
GHF321 2
Shake proof washer 1/4”
AHU2379 1
Camshaft retainer plate
GFK5179 3
Setscrew 1/4”unf 3/4”long, camshaft retainer plate to block
GHF321 3
Shake proof washer 1/4”
12G4337 1
Gear for camshaft
WKN505 1
Woodruff key for camshaft
10  2A759 1
Locktab for camshaft retaining nut
11  6K629 1
Nut for retaining camshaft
12  3H2127 1
Timing chain single row
13  12G2621 1
Tensioner pad
14  12G2629 1
Pin to retain tensioner pad
15  12G2628 1
Mounting plate for tensioner
16  GFK5184 2
Bolt 5/16”unf 3/4”long, tensioner mounting plate to block
17  WL2051 2
Spring washer 5/16”
18  WU2041 2
Plain washer 5/16”
19  8G725 1
Gear for crankshaft
20  6K836 1
Woodruff key for crankshaft
21  6K628 1
Shim 5 thou, for packing crank gear to correct alignment
As required
22  12A1148 1
Oil thrower plate
23  AHU1878 1
Crank Pulley and torsional vibration damper except MPI
Rebuilt version only
23  CAM4929 1
Damper Pulley New
24  TAM2019 1
Bolt for crankshaft pulley
Performance upgrade
25  TAM2020 1
Lock washer for crankshaft bolt
26  2A13 8
Tappet-camshaft follower without oil hole
26  2A13EVO 8
Tappet-camshaft follower without oil hole, Genuine AE
AE now Federal Mogul
26  AEG584 8
Tappet-camshaft follower with oil hole
26  C-AEG579 1
Tappet-camshaft follower set, lightened with oil hole
27  2A14 8
Push rod
Small bore engines only
27  AEG314 8
Push rod
1275cc only
28  CAM6648 1
Camshaft Cooper with HIF44 NLA
F53/GO1 engine numbers
28  LGC10231 1
Camshaft 1275cc pre injection
No Longer Available
28  LGC10230 1
Camshaft SPI injection (See MD274 for upgrade alternative)
28  LGC105380 1
Camshaft MPI Only
29  12G3560 1
Distributor drive spindle
30  LHF100130 1
Crank Pulley and torsional vibration damper, multi V groove
No Longer Available
31  LDT100030 1
Blanking plug for camshaft sensor
No Longer Available
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