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ENG004 1
Engine reconditioned unit 1275cc except MPI
ENG001 1
Performance Half engine reconditioned less head 1380cc
Offset 73.5mm large bore
ENG003 1
Performance Half engine reconditioned less head 1310cc
Plus 40 pistons
LBB109100N 1
Half engine brand new for MPI only(Block is different)
AEC876 5
Core plug
2K1345 1
Plug for oil release valve 6mm or CDU2601 rivet 6.3mm
As required
12G3503 4
Brass core plug for oil galleries
RU612123 1
Rivet (LYQ100080 11mm on MPI)
CAM150 4
Stud 3/8”unc 53/4”long for block rear to head
CAM151 4/5
Stud 3/8”unc 4”long for block front to head
As required
TAM1617 1
Stud 3/8”unc 41/2”long for coil fitting except MPI
LYG10008 2
Bolt 5/16” unc 1”long for filter head to block except MPI
Or CHS2613 stud
10  CHS2515 2
Stud 5/16”unc when pump fitted, see No25 when blanked off
Except MPI
11  1A1964 1
Oil restrictor for camshaft(TAM2056 on MPI also NLA)
12  12G1268 6
Dowel for main bearing caps
13  12G1398 6
Bolt 7/16”unf 23/4”long, main cap to block
14  AEG428 4
Liner for piston bore
15  53K2853 1
Plug 1/4”bsp for block drain off except MPI
16  6K638 1
Washer for plug
17  AEC3063 1
Camshaft liner bearing set Manual (AEC3046 Automatic)
18  P21253-00 4
Piston high compression (over sizes available)
Was TAM2050
18  P21251-00 4
Piston low compression (over sizes available) 8.8cr
Was TAM2048
19  R41570-00 1
Ring set for pistons P21253 (over sizes available)
Was BHM1628
19  R35960-00 1
Ring set for pistons P21251 (over sizes available)
20  BHM1137 1
Con Rod set of four
21  LFH10006 8
Con Rod bolt
22  CAM6263 8
Nut for Con rod
23  2A265 1
Blanking plate for petrol pump hole SPI engines
Or when required
24  GUG705779GM 1
Gasket for petrol pump or blanking plate except MPI
25  SH505061 2
Screw 5/16”unc 3/4”long for blanking plate 2A265
26  GFK1125 2
Spring washer 5/16” for blanking plate screw
27  CAM6232 1
28  AEB91306-00 1
Con rod bearing set (VP91306-00 alternative)
Over sizes available
29  AEM91886-00 1
Main bearing set (VP91886-00 alternative)
Over sizes available
30  AEW2136 1
Thrust washer set for crankshaft
+3 thou also available
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