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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Cylinder Head

MINI Catalog Page 1-4
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Part No



LDF105800 1
Cylinder head bare with guides MPI only
New, outright sale
12G1963 8
Valve guide, steel except turbo
2K1345 1
2K1345 tapered 6mm brass plug
Fitted to earlier heads
12G2092 3
Brass plug in face of head 14.3mm wide
No Longer Available
AEA771 2
Brass tapered plug in face of head with hole 15-16mm wide
TAM2068 4
Seat for lead free exhaust valve 998cc
TAM2069 4
Seat for lead free exhaust valve 1275cc
51K885 2
Stud 5/16”unc 3”long for rocker cover and posts
Use 5/16”unf cap bolts
CHS522 2
Stud 5/16” UNC x 2 3/4” long for inner two rocker posts
Use 51K1473
53K487 2/6
Stud 5/16” UNF X 1 1/2” long for manifold to head
6 on pre injection
LYR10028 4
Stud 5/16”unf 13/4”long for inner 4, manifold to head
Injection cars
10  TAM1058 4
Valve, Inlet 33mm with triple collet groove 1275cc
10  TAM1059 4
Valve, Inlet 35.6mm with triple collet groove 1275cc
10  TAM1062 4
Valve, Inlet 27.8mm with triple collet groove 998cc
10  TAM1061 4
Valve, exhaust 29mm with triple collet groove 1275cc
10  TAM1770 4
Valve, exhaust 25.3mm with triple groove 998cc
11  12G1015 8
Valve Outer Spring single
12  ADU4905 8
Seal for valve stems
See LJQ101160
12  LJQ101160 8
Seal for valve stems, better quality alternative
Original on MPI
13  AHU1897 8
Top cap for valve springs
14  CAM6975 16
Collet for valves, twin grooves sold as one half only
15  12A1950 1
Rocker shaft –upgrade available as C-AEG399
16  12G1927 1
Rocker post No 2 with locking plug hole
17  12G1926 3
Rocker post No 1, 3, 4 with oil hole
18  CAM289 8
Rocker, sintered type 1.3 lift
18  12G1221 8
Rocker, forged with bush 1.3 lift
19  AEG167 8
Adjuster screw was 12H3376
20  NT605061 8
Nut for adjuster screw 5/16”unf
21  2A18 2
Spring double coil washer for rocker shaft
22  6K556 3
Spacer spring for rockers
See also C-AEG392
23  2A258 1
Screw for rocker post No2
24  2A259 1
Locking plate for 2A258 screw
No Longer Available
25  6K555 2
Washer at end of rocker shaft, see AEG168 and AEG169 also
26  WL2051 3
Plain washer 5/16”
27  GFK3212 4
Plain nut 5/16”unf
Use NP1051
28  GUG702506HG 1
Cylinder head gasket 998cc
28  GUG702560HG 1
Cylinder head gasket 1275cc-stamped LVL100830 with O ring
28  TAM1521 1
Cylinder head gasket 1275cc original BK450 no O ring
28  GEG300 1
Cylinder head gasket 1275cc non-copper
28  C-AHT188 1
Cylinder head gasket 1275cc competition
Use GEG300
29  CAM4545 9
Head nut with shoulder 3/8”unf
30  53K402 2
Stud 1/4” UNF x 1 1/8” long for heater valve take off
Use GFK1124 nuts 2
31  88G221 1
Gasket for heater valve take off
32  2A180 1
Heater tap blanking plate
When required
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