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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Bootlid & MK 1/2 Number Plate

MINI Catalog Page 12-21
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Part No



BMP339 1
Bootlid 1991 on, seal fits on body
MS19 1
Bootlid, MK3
BMD36001 1
Boot Lid 1988 & Later Boot Seal Fits On The Body
MS113 1
FIBERGLASS Bootlid MK3 style
Bootlid, MkI
MS19 1
Boot Lid Full Inner Skin Aftermarket Mk3
8G9270 1
Boot Trunk Lid Mki, Double Skin, Aftermarket
28G110MS 1
Boot Trunk Lid Mk1, Single Skin, Aftermarket
MS112 1
FIBERGLASS MK1/2 bootlid
14A6584 1
Bootlid seal, fits boot with clip holes
CKE10018 1
Bootlid seal, fits on body when boot has no clip holes
14A6585 26
Clips for 14A6584 seal
14A5696 1
Lock assembly
CZH3272/RH 1
Boot hinge R/H
CZH3273/LH 1
Boot hinge L/H
SG60451 4
Screw for boot hinge, OEM# SG04051
GHF300 8
Plain washer
GHF331 8
Spring washer
10  GHF200 8
Thin nut
11  24A2175 2
Gasket, for upper boot hinge
12  24A2176 2
Gasket, for lower boot hinge
13  14A7194 1
Boot handle assembly, Chrome original MK1/2 shape
14  JRC2844 1
Boot handle assembly, Chrome 1970 on
14  JRC2843 1
Boot handle assembly, Black
No Longer Available
14  JRC8182 1
Boot handle assemlby, Nimbus
No Longer Available
14  CXB101260MMM 1
Chrome rear handle, 1992 on
No Longer Available
14  CXB101260PMD 1
Black rear handle, 1992 on
No Longer Available
Three barrel car set, MK3 on, Saloon
15  27H9634 1
Door and boot lock barrel set MK1/2
16  CZH1747 1
Boot handle to boot seal
17  14A6740 2
Boot cable
18  PMZ308 4
Screw for boot cable, (SE910281 longer alternative)
19  GHF206 2
Nut for cable screw
20  14A6468 1
Rear number plate, MK1/2
21  14A6466 1
Hinge for number plate, R/H
22  14A6467 1
Hinge for number plate, L/H
23  CMZ308 6
Screw for hinge
24  14A7625 2
Buffer for boot to number plate
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