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BMW Mini Cooper
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Classic Mini Cooper Water Pump, Pulleys & Ancillaries

MINI Catalog Page 5-3
Records - of


Part No



10M294 1
Water pump, small impellor protruding - 0.3125" 7.90mm
Small Bore motors
GWP134 1
Water pump, large impellor protruding - 0.625" 15.75mm
1275cc Motors
GWP154 1
Water pump, no by pass outlet, but as per GWP134
A plus 1300cc, Metro
88G618 1
Adaptor, cut to length required (now cast in pump)
88G215 1
Water pump gasket
HZS515 2
Bolt water pump to block long
Alternative TAM1180
SH605101 2
Bolt water pump to block short
Alternative TAM1178
GHF332 4
LWN305 washer
12G2077 2
Dowel, water pump to block
CAM6323 1
Crankshaft pulley was 2A940
No Longer Available
CAM6497 1
Crankshaft pulley, A plus
With timing shutter plate - No longer Available
CAM4929R 1
Crankshaft vibration damper pulley
AHU1878 1
Crankshaft vibration damper pulley - A plus
With timing shutter plate
C-CAM4929R 1
Austin Mini damper front pulley rebuilt (Thin)
CAM4929 1
COM797 1
Heavy Duty Race Harmonic Damper, Billet Steel, BMC A-Series Engines
Competition type damper
10  AEG454 1
Steel pulley
Cooper S
11  12A367 1
Damper ring
Cooper S
12  SH605051 4
13  WL2051 4
5/16" Lock Washer
14  AEA312 1
Crankshaft pulley bolt 0.75" thread length with chamfer
For CAM6323/AEG454
14  TAM2019 1
Crankshaft pulley bolt 0.75
All A plus
15  12A398 1
Crankshaft pulley locktab 0.875" hole, except TAM2019
Up to TAM2019
15  TAM2020 1
Crankshaft pulley locktab 0.6875" hole
All A plus
16  CAM6239 1
Water pump pulley, was 2A601 (3.875" diameter)
To 1985 plus Turbo/Auto
16  CAM116 1
Classic Mini oversized water pump pulley 4.2 inch for small bore motor
16  CAM6408 1
Water pump pulley large (4.725" diameter)
1985 on
16  12A667 1
Water pump steel 4.57"
Cooper ā€˜Sā€™ 1275cc
17  12A312 A/R
Distance piece fan to pulley
18  12G2452 1
Distance spacer large
19  GHF101 4
Bolt was SH604041, fan blade to pump
20  GHF331 4
21  12G1305 1
Eleven blade narrow plastic fan, fins 1.100
1959-68 and 1991 on
21  12G2129 1
Eleven blade thick plastic fan, fins 1.500" wide at tip
Wide fins MK3 on
22  2A998 1
Six blade fan, metal
Hot climate
23  2A997 2
Single blade fan
Tuning part
24  CAM4126 1
Blanking plug cap
When required
25  CC6 1
Clip, alternative clip 3H2963
When required
26  9.5x825 1
Fan Belt, Short
26  9.5x838 1
Fan Belt, Medium
26  9.5x850 1
Fan Belt, Long
26  9.5x864 1
Fan Belt, X-Long
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