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Classic Mini Cooper Radiator Hoses

MINI Catalog Page 5-7
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Part No



GRH244 1
Top hose small bore
MKI with rad inlet at very front
GRH467 1
Top hose
998cc Clubman
Upper hose small bore
For rad where inlet is positioned about 1.5" back from the front edge
Upper hose
Canadian cars with rad inlet at the rear
Upper hose, big bore, Kevlar
Cooper S
Upper hose
Fuel injection, MPi/TPi
Upper hose, silicon
1275GT and Turbo
Upper hose, original
Cooper S
Upper hose, silicon, blue
1275GT or Turbo. Cut to fit other 1275cc
GRH469 1
Mini Top Radiator Hose, Kevlar, 1275GT Or Cut For All 1275 Cars
ERA Turbo/1275GT
GRH247 1
Top hose big bore
Cooper ā€˜Sā€™
GRH1140 1
Top hose
New Coopers and 1300cc
GRH1212 1
Top hose
Fuel injection SPi
GRH201 1
Bottom hose, water pump to radiator
MkI to 1967. Use GRH240
GRH240 1
Bottom hose
Lower hose, silicon, blue
All pre-1990
Lower hose, Kevlar
All pre 1990
GRH1139 1
Bottom hose, 1990 on
Cooper SE 1300cc. Use GRH1159
GRH1159 1
Bottom hose, 1990 on, G01 engine
HIF44 Cooper 1300cc
GRH1215 1
Bottom hose, V290000-046667
GRH1242 1
Bottom hose, 1992 on
GRH1289 1
Bottom hose, V044495 on
92+ HIF38
GRH1220 1
Bottom hose, V504671 on
1300cc 1982 on
RH917 1
Bottom hose when no heater fitted
GRH1216 1
Thermostat to heater, manifold
TBI Fuel injection
Lower hose
10  GHC507 1
Clip, heater outlet on hose
Up to 1990
11  GHC608 1
Clip, heater outlet on hose
1990 on
12  GHC913 4
Top and bottom hose clip
13  PCF10060 1
Expansion tank, fits between radiator and bulkhead
Cooper 1300cc
14  PCF10097 1
Expansion tank, sits on L/H front shock absorber bracket
From 1992 on
15  FS1016141 1
Bolt for expansion tank PCF10097 overflow
16  GRH1213 1
Expansion tank hose
Cooper 1300cc only
17  CC16 A/R
Classic Austin Mini hose clamp 11/16 to 1 1/2
18  KRD10009 1
19  GRH1001M 1
Radiator overflow hose
Per metre
20  ARA951 1
Clip for overflow hose
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