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Classic Mini Cooper Electric Fan 1990 ON

MINI Catalog Page 5-9
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Part No



  PGF10038 1
Fan and cowl assembly
Cooper S.E.
  PGU10006 1
Cooper S.E.
  PYF10039 1
Insulation rubber
Cooper S.E.
  YWL10010 1
Thermostat switch with seal
Cooper S.E.
  PYF10040 1
Seal for thermostatic switch
Cooper S.E.
  YMV10069 1
Harness for fan
Cooper S.E.
  YMV10046 1
Electric fan
Cooper 1300cc
  PGL10008 1
Fan shield
Cooper 1300cc
  YWL10009 1
Thermal switch
Cooper 1300cc
  PYF10036 1
Washer for switch
Cooper 1300cc
  PGU10007 1
Fixing bracket
Cooper 1300cc
  11G227 2
Cooper 1300cc
  PGG10058 1
Open fan and motor assembly, 1992 on
  CDU1500 1
Thermostat switch in bottom of radiator
  CDU2334 1
Seal for CDU1500 switch
  KTP9002 1
Clip to hold thermostat switch
  PVB10001 1
Grille mesh fitted to inner wing, when no electric fan
  KLM1418 1
Electric Fan Only, Multi-purpose Suck Type
Mini Mania kit
  PGG10058 1
Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Assembly Fits 1991 Thru 1996
  PGG100890 1
Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Used On Mpi After 1996
  C-ARA4401 1
Classic Austin Mini Electric Fan Kit Complete W/special Sending Unit
  MMKT0706 1
Classic Austin Mini Electric Cooling Fan Kit
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