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Classic Mini Cooper Steering Rack

MINI Catalog Page 8-21
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Part No



AAU6950 1
GSR307E Steering rack
No Longer Available
FAM7307N 1
Steering Rack, Left Hand Drive
FAM7307MS 1
Steering Rack, Left Hand Drive
GSR158E 1
Steering Rack Left Hand Drive , rebuilt
Use FAM7307MS
C-FAM7307 1
Steering Rack, Left Hand Drive , quick ratio
GSR626E 1
Steering Rack, Right Hand Drive
C-GSR626 1
Steering Rack, Right Hand Drive , quick ratio
GSV1052 1
Repair kit
No Longer Available
37H8064 1
Steering rack nylon bearing
37H2079 1
Metal spacer
No Longer Available
88G499 1
Oil seal
BTA662 1
No Longer Available
GSV1009 1
Tie rod repair kit
BHM7113 1 pr
Gaiter kit rubber
GSV1153 1 pr
Gaiter kit genuine with clips, (rubber)
GSV1056 1 pr
Rover gaiter kit for GSR157/8 (plastic gaiter)
17H6298 2
Gaiter rubber, single without clips
CCA35 2
Inner seal clip
No Longer Available
10  ACH5854 2
Outer seal clip
11  GSJ100 2
Tie rod end
11  GSJ158 2
Tie rod end, slightly longer
12  7H3762 2
13  GHF223 2
Nut, supplied on track rod
14  2A6208 2
U Bolt, rack to body
15  GHF222 4
U Bolt nut
16  21A2553 2
Anti-friction packing piece plastic strip
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